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Shraddha And Aftab Delhi Murder Case: Complete Story


Shraddha And Aftab Delhi Murder Case: By apprehending the culprit, Aftab Poonawala, the Delhi Police have finally solved what turned out to be an eight-month-old gruesome “missing-cum-murder” case involving a love affair gone wrong.

Delhi police have arrested a guy for allegedly killing his 28-year-old live-in partner after cracking a six-month-old blind murder case.

Aaftab, Shraddha’s live-in lover, killed the 29-year-old woman, sliced up her body into 35 pieces, put them in a refrigerator, and dispersed the fragments throughout the capital over the course of 18 days to avoid being discovered.

Here is how the tragic love affair between Aaftab and Shraddha began

Aftab poonawala

By apprehending the culprit, Aftab Poonawala, the Delhi Police have finally solved an eight-month-old gruesome “missing-cum-murder” case involving a love affair gone wrong.

Inspector Sampatrao Patil of the Manikpur Police Station in Vasai Town claims that the woman and the defendant have been friends and lovers since 2019.

They allegedly met through a dating app, which set off a chain of events that culminated in her horrible murder and shocked the Vasai community.

“When Shraddha Walkar first met Poonawala, she was employed at a BPO (phone center) in Malad. They grew close and engaged in a relationship “Patil stated.

The connection was not approved by family members

Shraddha And Aftab Delhi Murder Case

Later, the woman, who resided in Vasai East’s Evershine City, asked her family for permission to wed Poonawala, who resided in Vasai West’s Diwanman Complex.

Shraddha left her house to move in with Poonawala at a place in the adjacent Naigaon suburban neighborhood, despite the significant opposition from her family.

Though they were estranged, she came to live with them for a fortnight after her mother passed away some time ago, then she went back to Poonawala.

Friend first notified that she was “lost”

But it wasn’t until September 2022 that Shraddha’s childhood buddy Laxman Nadar informed her brother that she had been missing for more than a few months.

She had been in touch with him, but for the previous two to three months, her phone had been off, and she had moved to New Delhi with Poonawala, according to her father, Vikas Walkar, who then invited Nadar to his home for more information.

Vikas Walkar filed a report with the Vasaigaon Police Station, which forwarded him to the Manikpur Police Station when the frightened family attempted to reach her but were unsuccessful.

In addition to accepting her father’s application, Patil stated, “We suo moto registered a’missing’ complaint and put up a special team to search her out.”

Since there wasn’t much, the police launched a tech-intelligence investigation to establish that Nadar’s information was accurate and the family’s suspicions were validated.

“Since May, she has stopped using her phone, social networking sites like Facebook, and even her bank accounts. We also phoned Poonawala, who traveled to Vasai, and we have his complete statement on record “Patil stated.

Relationship ended when she insisted they get married.

Poonawala told the police that he and Shraddha had lived together for a while before moving to Delhi to live in the Chhattarpur neighborhood, and he was then allowed to leave.

She supposedly requested they be married, which enraged Poonawala, who then killed her, and their relationship soured a few months ago.

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