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Shooters Grill Closes, But Waitresses Open Carry


Last updated on January 25th, 2023 at 04:18 pm

The Shooters Grill restaurant in El Paso, Texas has been shut down after an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. In 2013, a man died in front of the business.

Despite the fact that the restaurant has closed, the employees of the business open carry firearms. Some of them are members of a conspiracy theory that is known as QAnon.

Boebert opened the restaurant after a man died in front of it in 2013

Boebert opened the restaurant after a man died in front of it in 2013Lauren Boebert is an American congresswoman from Colorado. She represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District. The district includes mostly rural Western Slope communities. She is a staunch gun rights advocate.

A restaurant, which was the brainchild of Lauren Boebert, closed last week in Rifle, CO. Shooters Restaurant was an “open carry” themed cafe that employed dozens of employees. Many of them were former inmates. But the business didn’t last long.

In 2017, a food poisoning outbreak led to 80 people getting sick. Some experienced nausea, diarrhea and even bloody noses.

The Denver Post reported that some people were unable to eat. Several other people were sent to the hospital.

Boebert has been in the news recently for other reasons. She has objected to the results of the Arizona and Pennsylvania elections. She has also advocated for a ban on assault-style rifles.

It’s no secret that Boebert is a right-wing politician. She is known to have a penchant for QAnon conspiracy theories.

She has also made Islamophobic comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Her campaign finances have crossed potentially illegal paths with the business.

Employees open-carry firearms

When a customer walks into Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado, the first thing they’ll see are the waitresses open-carrying loaded guns. However, this practice has drawn controversy from both sides.

Some people think it’s a gimmick, while others think it’s a way for the restaurant to advertise itself. The restaurant says it’s the right policy for the community.

Shooters Grill is located on Third Street in the town of Rifle. It serves breakfast all day and serves all Angus burgers.

The restaurant promotes itself as a “Second Amendment positive” business.

Yet the company has incurred liens totalling nearly $20,000. And the restaurant has yet to meet its annual tax obligations.

One thing that the restaurant does is host concealed carry training classes.

The training classes offer a free meal and an instructor to teach you how to properly carry your firearm.

A woman by the name of Lauren Boebert opened a gun-themed cafe in Rifle. She was inspired to start the restaurant after she heard of an erroneous death.

Business closed after the COVID-19 outbreak

Shooters Grill was a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado. It served traditional American cuisine. Featuring gun-themed decor, it was known for its open-carry firearms carried by waitstaff.

Lauren Boebert owned the restaurant. She said she wanted to open a restaurant that featured waiters carrying guns. However, her dreams did not last.

The Garfield County Health Department issued a cease-and-desist order against the restaurant. In addition, the restaurant was serving customers in violation of a “safer at home” statewide order.

A lawsuit was filed against Boebert. Some of her employees were previously incarcerated. There were claims that Boebert used fraudulent mileage records to pay herself $22,000.

On Wednesday, May 9, Boebert reopened the restaurant after receiving a temporary restraining order. She is serving dine-in customers at 30% capacity.

The restraining order remains in effect. According to the restraining order, the county is prohibited from issuing a license until the court lifts the restraining order.

Public health officials are still investigating the matter. Currently, they are focusing on the owner of the restaurant, Lauren Boebert.

Boebert embraced QAnon conspiracy theories

It’s been a couple weeks since the Republican primary in Colorado’s Third Congressional District, where Lauren Boebert, a staunch supporter of QAnon conspiracy theories, defeated five-term incumbent Scott Tipton.

The win marked the first time a QAnon-supporting candidate has defeated a Democrat in a competitive Congressional race.

During her campaign, Boebert said she was running to “annihilate socialism.” She also claimed to have sources with very good information. She had previously tweeted that President Donald Trump was a secret spy.

In May, Boebert appeared on a major QAnon-focused television show. At the time, she told the host that she believed QAnon was true. This fueled a lot of controversy.

During her campaign, she compared Rep. Ilhan Omar to terrorists. Later, she clarified that her comment was meant in jest. However, she has continued to publicly state that she believes QAnon is true.

Boebert has said she supports a variety of conservative policies, including gun rights, pro-life, and school choice. She has also vowed to oppose any government budget that would increase the national debt.


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