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Shanti Bhushan Death Cause: Former Law Minister Passed Away at 97


Shanti Bhushan Death Cause: It is difficult to inform that former law minister Shanti Bhushan has allegedly died at the age of 97. He was a lawyer and politician from India.

He is no longer in his immediate family and passed away on Tuesday. His passing was just announced online, and the news quickly spread on social media.

Many people are still in shock and sadness over his abrupt demise. The political community is devastated by the news since they lost a dear friend.

We have additional details about the news here, which we will share with you in this article.

Shanti Bhushan was a wonderful and compassionate person. He was a lawyer and politician from India.

From 1977 to 1979, while serving in the Moraji Desai Ministry, he was the law minister of India, holding office at the Ministry of Law and Justice.

In the famous case that resulted in the 1975 election of then-prime minister Indira Gandhi being declared invalid, he also painted the politician Raj Narain in a negative light.

He was a very courteous man who had gained a lot of respect as a result of his excellent work. For further details, scroll down to the following page.

Why Did Shanti Bhushan Die?

According to the news, Shanti Bhushan, a former minister of law, died at the age of 97. On Tuesday, January 31, 2023, he passed away. Numerous social networking sites have confirmed the news of his passing.

Many people are now very interested in learning the cause of his death as a result of recent news reports that have surfaced online. After a brief illness, he passed away on Tuesday in New Delhi.

His family claims that he had been ill for some time before passing away at his Delhi residence.

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He was also a seasoned attorney who served as Morarji Desai’s cabinet’s law minister from 1977 to 1979. He had two sons named Jayant and Prashant.

He was born in Prayagraj on November 11th, 1925, and attended Ewing Christain Public School there until he graduated.

He participated actively in both the Congress and, later, the Janata Parties.

He had a truly fantastic personality and gained a lot of respect for his outstanding work.

Now, a lot of people are paying tribute to him on social networking sites and offering their condolences to his family.

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