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Scrivener Alternative for Android, Windows, Mac


Scrivener Alternatives for Android, Windows, Mac: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic of 7 Top Scrivener Alternative for Android, Windows, Mac.

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Scrivener Alternative for Android, Windows, Mac

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Is one a full-time or freelance writer? Or Is one a student who is intending to write essays, dissertations, or a thesis? Anyway, as a writer, professional or not. A writing app will be more than a dear friend to one.

Scrivener and its alternatives are exclusive go-to-apps for writers. It provides all kinds of fantastic help. Right from correcting the grammatical errors. To improvising the language and checking the writing style, etc.

What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is one of the most popular writing tools. It is developed exclusively for writers in various fields like novelists, screenwriters, students, lawyers, and many others.

The Scrivener: Pros

a) This app is best for professionals with advanced carefully checking for errors in a text. Before it is published and writing tools.

b) It comes with its organizational content feature and also storyboard equipment.

c) The Scrivener offers more than 12 templates.

d) It occurs together without problems with both the Android and iOS devices.

e) One can enjoy its 30-day free trial too. The subject to terms and conditions.

f) Scrivener 3 is now available on macOS devices. At a 45% discount for the existing customers and $49 for newcomers.

The Scrivener: Cons

a) Many of the users have been complaining. About the complicating of the sharing mechanism.

b) Also, the utility is more convenient for the professionals. One with an excessive learning curve as compared to a situation.

c) Also, it does not support Grammarly. This is quite significant given how many users depend on Grammarly for proofreading.

e) Users have also shown dissatisfaction. On finding the lack of conflict between Mac and Windows OS.

f) Keeping in mind the above user reviews. Let us check out the 7 best alternatives to Scrivener.

Here Are the 7 Best Scrivener Alternatives in the year 2021 for Windows, Android, and Mac:

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is the best grammar checker. It is a writing-style editor available today. This surely deserves the first mention in the list of Scrivener alternatives for the year 2021. Let us have a look at why ProWritingAid is value considering extraordinary.

The Features of ProWritingAid:

It offers world-class grammar and writing-style checking. Along with thorough reporting, all to increase the writing output.

The software is designed to provide suggestions. The inputs, like videos, articles, quizzes, make the writing seemingly interactive.

a) The Reasonable pricing

b) GDPR-meeting with strict privacy controls.

c) It provides an excellent API.

d) There is a free version, as well.

 The ProWritingAid Pricing:

Try the ProWritingAidPremium+ at the price of $66 per year. One can enjoy the best of its premium version. Along with the plagiarism checks up to 50 times per year.

The plan is perfect for academic purposes. One can even buy the Lifetime version with a one-time payment of just $199.50 only.

2. Manuskript

This is known as the best open-source that is free. Scrivener alternative, Manuskript is a popular word processing tool. For the writers to create their first draft, edit, and refine. It is after that to turn it into a masterpiece.

The Features of Manuskript:

a) It is best for those writers. Who like to keep their work arranged and organized.

b) The app allows a lack of attention mode. Wherein one can set the goal in terms of word count. The hours of writing before one can take a break with a ‘full stop’.

c) The Snowflake method acts as the fictitious prose narrative of a book-length assistant. Helping one to create the characters with intensely deep plot details, etc.

d) It enables one to keep track of the notes concerning every character. The plot details, and also events in the story.

e) The tool is available on Mac, Android, and Windows.

The Manuskript Pricing:

Manuskript is a free Scrivener alternative. However, one can donate money to the developers of this open-source writing tool.

3. Bibisco

Is one is looking for a problem-free, simple writing tool like Scrivener? If so, Bibisco is the best novel writing software. That one will find today.

The Features of Bibisco:

a) One can sort the pages, scenes into chapters quickly.

b) It helps you to export the novels in pdf, epub, and also in doc format.

c) Bibisco also enables one to write in a lack of attention mode as a genuine text editor.

d) One can review the multi-paged novel with a look. The app allows one to analyze the characters, plots, their length. Also distribution throughout the plot in a timeline.

e) Bibisco speaks in multi-languages, that is Brazil, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, etc.

f) Bibisco supports more platforms, like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Bibisco Pricing:

The Community edition of Bibisco is free. But the Supporters edition is a paid version.

4. Quoll Writer

Free alternative to Scrivener, Quoll Writer is the best platform for every screenwriter and author. With rich features and minimal face-to-face. It revolves around long writing comfort.

The Features of Quoll Writer:

a) Its main focus is on words and long writing content. With an option to switch to full-screen writing.

b) Quoll Writer is an open-source Scrivener alternative.

c) The marked interface is simple. It lets one keep the track of long stories with more characters.

d) Quoll Writer also offers easy chapter management, to move them, link them, record goals, and also to add descriptions to tag them.

e) The Scenes and plot outlines help in the ease diagram of the content.

f) It is a Problem Finder feature that allows detecting errors and writing issues intelligently.

g) Easy sharing across the apps and devices.

h) It also offers statistics and targets to have to depart from a literal use of words progress update.

The Quoll Writer Pricing:

Quoll Writer is a free alternative to Scrivener.

5. Final Draft

Final Draft is the best writing tool for professional screenwriters and also filmmakers. As an open-source Scrivener alternative. It comes with its unique research facilities. The practice of recording information from different uses and platforms process.

The Features of Final Draft:

a) Regular updates are available on its official site. The Final Draft 11 is now available for download.

b) Final Draft is convenient for professionals, students, teachers, and bloggers.

c) The Final Draft Mobile version is convenient on iPhone and iPad. Thus, usable easily.

d) The software automatically translates the formats. Into an industry-standard script. Thus, make easy the work of writers.

e) Final Draft offers real-time collaboration. Among the one that is of equal standing with another across the globe.

f) The Affordable educational pricing available for every student, at nearly 50% off.

g) Final Draft 11 can be installed on Windows 10 and macOS 10.12 Sierra or higher versions.

The Final Draft Pricing:

Enjoy the 30-day free trial. Buy the Final Draft 11 at the price of $149.99 only as per the needs.

6. Zoho Writer

It is one of the suitable alternatives to Scrivener. Zoho Writer works smoothly on Desktop, Windows, Mac, Linux. Mobile like iOS, Android devices. One can create beautiful documents in just a few minutes by using the templates.

The Features of Zoho Writer:

a) The actual time during which a process collaboration with the teammates.

b) Easy-to-use UI that lets one write inspirational, uses only what is needed to exceptional content.

c) Two simplistic features are Night Mode and Focus Mode. Helps in keeping the focus on the current paragraph complete Auto-saving

e) Locking the sensitive information and hiding the changes. By restricting the collaboration until one is ready.

f) Zia- the AI-driven, smart writing assistant will help one throughout the write-up.

g) It offers a huge range of templates.

h) Automated paperwork with bulk signature and merging other used documents.

i) Share the WordPress blog anytime one wishes.

j) One can work offline on any browser and not just Google Chrome.

The Zoho Writer Pricing:

Zoho Writer pricing is not disclosed on the website. So, we guess that it is a free alternative to Scrivener.

7. Google Docs

It is one of the most reliable cloud-based Scrivener alternatives for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux devices. Google Docs is quite a popular writing tool that comes as a part of the Google apps. One can enjoy its rich features like voice typing and also automatic proofreading.

The Features of Google Docs

a) An online tool is just like Scrivener. Zoho Writer is with thousands of fonts and dozens of clear formatting options.

b) Tag someone, comment, and assign the work to the team directly.

c) The Voice typing and offline writing mode

d) More suitable for the situation, story writers. The students who need a convenient go-to-app for writing.

e) Google Docs is available for anyone who has a Gmail account.

f) It has a 4.3 rating on the Google store.

The Google Docs Pricing:

The app is totally free. It downloads it from Google Play or App Store for Mobile devices. One can also enjoy its all features on the Desktop. By just logging into the Gmail account.

The Conclusion:

If one does not want to use the Scrivener for any reason. Then here is a genuine list of Scrivener alternatives. For both free and paid that might suit the need.

However, if one is looking for a Scrivener alternative for Windows. One that is able to exist without any problem with mobile devices. One can go for Manuskript or Final Draft.

Need something professional? Then one can check the ProWritingAid. Hope one should found the most reliable Scrivener alternative.

So, this is the important information on the topic of 7 Top Scrivener Alternative for Android, Windows, Mac.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please comment on the viewpoints.

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