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Sandeep Nahar Committed Suicide After Posting a Video on Facebook


Sandeep Nahar played Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, and he died by himself on Monday, February 15.

Sandeep Nahar, the actor who committed suicide after posting a video on Facebook

Sandeep Nahar, who played Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend in MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, died by suicide on Monday, February 15, 2021.

On Friday evening, the actor was discovered dead at his Mumbai home. He took to Facebook just hours before his death to compose a long statement about marital problems and industry troubles.

Sandeep, on the other hand, said that no one should be held accountable for his choice.

He also claimed that he had considered ending his life in the past, but that he had wanted to give himself more time to make things right.

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story stars Sandeep Nahar and Sushant Singh Rajput

Sandeep went on to take several supporting parts after working as SSR’s friend Paramjit Singh nicknamed Chhotu Bhaiya (who offers him cricket bats) in the Neeraj Pandey-directed film.

His final appearance on cinema was in the Akshay Kumar film Kesari, in which he played Butta Singh.

He was born in Chandigarh and moved to Mumbai to pursue a career in the movies after completing his education.

Sandeep was a happy person, according to his friend Baljit, who lives in Chandigarh, who told india.com that he never shared personal difficulties with his pals.

He added that the news of his death was unbelievable, and that despite the fact that they maintained in touch and spoke on the phone, he had no idea that Sandeep was going through so much in his life.

According to a friend, Sandeep Nahar was emotional

Sandeep wrote in his suicide note that his friends and other people had no idea what he was going through since he always put on a brave face in front of the world.

The late actor went on to say that he couldn’t stand the aggravation and sorrow of being in an unhappy marriage any longer.

Sandeep also revealed his wife’s name and mother’s name, as well as thanking his parents for their support in his endeavors. The late star also discussed the business.

Content of Sandeep Nahar’s Suicide Note

Sandeep wrote in his suicide note that Bollywood is a phony environment with a lot of politics.

“Mumbai ne mujhe kaam bohat dia is Maya nagari ko bhi thanks karna chahta,” he said.

“But is Maya nagari bollywood me bhi bohat politics hai apka bus umide dekar apka waqt khaa jate hai or baad me project se replace kar dete hai wo bhi sab (I’d like to express my gratitude to the film business as well.) However, there is a great deal of politics in this industry.

Despite signing a deal with you, you are offered high aspirations just to be replaced in the projects in the end.

The industry consumes a significant amount of your time. People here are emotionless and lead a fictitious existence.)” (sic)

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