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Salman Khan Did Not Go Well with Akshay Kumar 


People were shocked. The Bollywood celebrates the failure of a hero to another hero there was not any hope of such news. Salman Khan became the producer and hero is Akshay Kumar in the film. It Took time to digest because no one accustomed to such things.

Salman Khan did not go well with Akshay Kumar

Make a film on War Battle of Saragarhi planned went created. As producer Karan Johar also joined in and the three social media black and white photo was shining with this announcement. Salman’s ‘friend’ SRK also said that such use would continue to be in Hollywood. It Should also be in Bollywood when one superstar appeared in other superstar film.

After the announcement followed the inability to move the film is an old disease in Bollywood. Many grand films of announcements to make with the big stars.

On muhrat people blow millions and then everyone is silence. Years ago Subhash Ghai to make ‘Deva’ with Amitabh Bachchan said he himself beat in terms of conceding show-Man. The moment only to become such a small budget film that put money, but the film did not work well.

That’s what happened with Salman Khan film. Curiosity is more when will start the film. Who are artists in the film, but no news is coming? The film went instead to the renewable and Akshay Kumar sign second film and start shooting. Detectives were noticing and Jagga Jasoos unveiling the secret imposed without delay.

Revealed that the film has been put in the freezer that is unlikely to be happening with all the films. Suddenly the budget will become very much and so hard to recover. Akshay Kumar was not so big stars who may recover such costs crores.

Bahubali effects can be assumed. The film has seen enough battle scenes with awesome graphics.

To their match is not easy. If the people expecting the same as Bahubali from Akshay and Salman film then it will no longer be slab round. For this reason, the film have recently closed.

Akshay Kumar will be continued to be bewildered. His stardom was judging low. He thought, Salman did not even been with him.

So renewable fans believe that Salman is wrong this time. Salman Khan is a gentleman but this time is he is failed. He would recover, but when it does not know.