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Rose Ayling-Ellis: Know About Her Boyfriend Samuel Arnold


This year, Rose Ayling-Ellis became the first deaf person to compete in – and win – BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and her boyfriend, Samuel, was in the audience cheering her on. Fans were naturally inquisitive about Rose’s other half when his boyfriend came in the audience during Saturday’s final.

Here’s everything we know about Rose Ayling-Ellis’s boyfriend, dating life, when and where they met and more. Their fans are curious to know about the couple. So stay on this page if you want to know everything about them. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Who is Rose Ayling-Ellis?

Rose has been dating Samuel Arnold for a number of years.

The EastEnders actress has attempted to keep her personal life private, although she has occasionally turned to social media to post romantic photos of herself and her lover.

The two have been seen travelling together, and Rose shared romantic photos from their trip to Peru in 2019.

Rose and her partner went on a trip to the Amazon together, and she wrote an emotional post about it.

“Nature is so beautiful and strong,” she wrote, “that we must do everything in our ability to defend our world.”

Rose is concerned about the environment, and it appears that Samuel, who is accompanying her on these incredible journeys, is as well.

Rose is considered a “shoo-in” to win this year’s title, with chances of 1/16 for her to capture the Glitterball trophy, according to Ladbrokes.

“AJ’s sad retirement means it’s now a two-horse fight for this year’s Strictly crown,” said Alex Apati of Ladbrokes, “but the odds suggest John Whaite is merely making up the numbers at this stage.”

Rose’s “silent dance” will be performed for the second time in the final tonight, December 18.

The act previously reduced viewers of the BBC1 dancing competition to tears since it included a long segment in which she danced around the dancefloor without music.

“That dance changed my life,” she remarked as she made last-minute preparations for the weekend. As a result, I’m going to give it my all.

“I just want to thank the public for keeping me in and believing in me because this is my last Saturday night ever.”

Rose is being lined up by the Beeb to play the lead in a drama based on a deaf character.

Regardless of whether she wins the competition or not, she will return to the cast of EastEnders, but they want to have a project ready for her to take on in the long run.

Rose Ayling-Ellis Age

Rose, was born on November 17, 1994, will celebrate her 28th birthday in 2022.

When Rose Ayling- Ellis and boyfriend Samuel met?

For the past seven years, Rose Aylling Ellis and Samuel Arnold have been together.

OK magazine published an article in 2020 about them celebrating their six-year anniversary together.

In a lovely Instagram homage to her lover, Rose wrote: “Six years we’ve been together and I still don’t find you bothersome.”

“I still find you the most hilarious, attractive, and incredibly amazing girlfriend I ever asked for,” Samuel wrote on social media.

“You’re a truly badass girlfriend,” says the narrator.

Is Rose Ayling deaf from birth?

Since birth, Rose Ayling-Ellis has been deaf. Rose is fluent in both spoken English and British sign language.

Rose dazzled viewers and judges on Strictly with her ability to keep perfect time with the music by depending solely on counting.

Rose revealed that she had a hearing aid that lets her to pick up some sound before beginning her Strictly journey. She explained that she would be able to hear someone sing and feel the vibrations from music, but she would be unable to understand the words.

However, just because she can’t hear well doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy music. She told the Guardian that her favorite performers are Dolly Parton and Stevie Wonder, and that she enjoys soul music.

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