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Top 10 Best Android Apps of this Week


Top 10 Best Android Apps of this WeekHey There! Here it is all the Ladies and Gentlemen out there! Apps are something that come in handy in our daily to daily use, may it be apps realted to your device personalization or apps related to enhance up your experience, apps are something which we all need, but what if we talk about the best apps for your phone? do you actually know them? are you aware?, so here dear audience. we bring up the best android apps of this week to enhance up the performance and the experience of your mobile phone, so let’s begin!

Top 10 Best Android Apps of this Week

1. ExpressVPN

If you actually want to keep up your Android device safe on the sketchy public Wi-Fi, you’ll surly need up a solid VPN, and ExpressVPN which is one of the most trusted, secure brands in the safe virtual private network industry, and that’s for a good reason. It’s actually super fast and extremely safe, boasting an SSL-secured network having 256-bit encryption and, get up this, unlimited bandwidth and great speed.

2. 1Weather

1Weather is definitely the best weather app out for android. It basically features up a simple, paginated design that shows you up the current weather, the actual forecast for up to 12 weeks, a radar, and the other fun stats. Along with that, you’ll also get up a fairly decent set of the lightly customizable widgets and some basic standard stuff like the severe weather the notifications and a basic radar so that you can see up the storms approaching up. Perhaps its the best feature that is its minimal design which just shows up you the actual weather (and fun facts, if you want).

3. Blue Mail

This app is probably the best of all-around email app out there. It basically features up  a simple and easy interface, that too with the compatibility with virtually with every single email provider, and it just keeps up things too clean. There are also a bunch of smart settings that actually can help you up in customizing up your experience. It too comes up with the  Android Wear support along with the ability to lock up the private emails, the widgets, the color coding, and a lot and lot more. It’s amazingly powerful, quiet simple, and one of the best of all it’s completely free to download up and fairly use.

4. Google Drive Suite

Google Drive is actually a cloud storage which is available up on Android where all the new users get upto 15GB space for free for permanent at the time of signing up. Also, you can, of course, buy more if you actually need. The thing that makes Google Drive so much special are basically the suite of the Android apps that are actually attached to it. They also include up the Google Docs, the Google Sheets, the Google Slides, the Google Photos, of course Gmail, the Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

5. Google Maps and Waze

Google Maps virtually actually owns up the navigation apps scene and it actually now remains one of the best Android apps ever available. It too gets frequent, almost weekly updates that are seem to only be added to its incredibly generous list of the existing features. Apart from the very basics, the Google Maps also gives you up the access to your places of interest, the traffic data, directions to things like the rest stops or the gas stations, and they also even let you have up the offline maps now (albiet temporarily).

6. Google Now and Google Assistant

Google Now Launcher and the Google Assistant are one of the most powerful Android apps. They’re also both quiet much the same thing. Google Now is also a voice assistant like the popular Cortana from Windows or the Siri from Apple. Assistant is too much like the Google Now except up it takes up the things to the very next level. Originally a Assistant was actually meant for the only Google Pixel phones and not only the Google Allo. However, after the Mobile World Congress 2017, it has started rolling out to more and more tons of devices.

7. Google Play Music and YouTube

When, we don’t typically recommend up the streaming services to the people. Everyone actually has their preferences and saying up that the one is better than the another is actually a matter of opinion at this particular point. Except then the Google Play Music. The app can read up both of your local files and the music that you actually like online. Additionally, you can also upload ten thousands of songs to the service for very free. YouTube is too kind of a given. There’s lot more content there than actually a human person can watch up in several lifetimes.

8. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass is among the one of those must-have Android apps. It’s actually a password manager that basically lets you save up your login credentials in a very safe and secure way. On addition to  that, it also can help you up generate nearly up impossible passwords for you to use up on your respective accounts. It’s all controlled up with a single master password. It also has a cross-platform support so that you can use it up on your computers, mobile devices, tablets, or whatever you need to.

9. Nova Launcher

In the Starting, we weren’t going to put up any kind of launchers on this list. But Nova Launcher seems to be the extend beyond what actually today normal launchers are. It has always been around for years, it’s also been up consistently updated, and thus it has  never  been a great option for basically a launcher replacement. It too comes up with a bunch of features,  mainly including the ability to backup and then restore up your home screen, set ups, icon theming for all of your Android apps, tons and tons of customization elements for your home screen and the app drawer, and lots more.

10. Pocket Casts

Those who actually enjoy up podcasts probably have the simplest decision in regards to which the podcast app that should use up. The answer to that particular question is none other than Pocket Casts. This app is insanely stable and good looking which allows you to download or stream various kind of podcasts for your enjoyment. It also features up both the audio-only and the video podcast support too,  so that you can catch up right away on just about anything and everything.

So here, we end up listing the best we got for your phone, all the above apps are must try at least once, we hope that they give you a better experience. Hope to see you again on our platform, reading up many more articles based upon your interest. Thanks for Reading!