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Rami Hawash: Age, Networth & New Wife Gemma Collins


Rami Hawash is the owner of a car mechanical repair business in Romford, Essex. From a previous marriage, he has a three-year-old son. Gemma met Rami in 2011 when she was just starting out on the reality show The Only Way Is Essex. He is 48 year old.

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Who is Rami Hawash?

Rami Hawash who is 48 years old, is the owner of an auto repair shop in Romford, Essex.

He has been on and off with reality personality Gemma Collins since 2011, and they are now engaged.

The couple started dating in 2013, and Rami appeared on multiple episodes of The Only Way Is Essex, the show where Gemma rose to fame.

On December 27, 2013, the couple announced their first engagement, which was broken up a few weeks later.

He surprised the actress by slipping a diamond ring into a Christmas pudding.

However, only a few months later, the couple called it quits.

He has a three-year-old kid, Tristan, whom he keeps hidden from the public eye.

Rami Hawash’s Partner Gemma Collins

Rami and Gemma started dating in 2011 after meeting at the famed King William pub in Chigwell, Essex.

In Series 9, he made his debut appearance when he flew to Marbella to see Gemma.

However, the couple called it quits after only a few episodes, and he never returned.

As the couple’s on-again, off-again romance persisted, Rami was addressed several times on the show.

After Gemma’s breakup with James ‘Arg’ Argent, Rami and Gemma grew closer in lockdown and have maintained their restored connection.

In April 2021, they were seen kissing and cuddling in public while taking sweet selfies throughout the evening at a romantic sushi dinner.

“Gemma has been seeing Rami again in secret for the last six months,” a source stated.

“During date nights in London and Essex, the couple has enjoyed spending time together and getting reacquainted.

“Gemma went through a lot of stress and trauma during her on-again, off-again romance with Arg – but she’s finally putting herself first and moving on with her life.”

Gemma confirmed she is engaged to Rami for the second time in December 2021, claiming the couple “can’t really come out and declare anything yet because Ram was married previously and his paperwork hasn’t come through.”

“They haven’t been together in two years,” she said.

“I’m familiar with her; she has a partner, and she’s as good as gold.”

“There’s a youngster involved; he’s just three years old, and I obviously adore him.”

“However, I won’t be able to leave until that paperwork is signed.”

Do Rami and Gemma Collins have a child?

Gemma Collins has no children with Rami Hawash.

The reality star, on the other hand, has previously stated that she is “desperate for a baby” and has even decided to name her pregnant kid Flower, after the Japanese blossom tree.

“I discovered the love of my life,” Gemma revealed openly on The Gemma Collins podcast. “I’m absolutely ready to have a baby now.”

Rami and his ex-wife have a three-year-old son named Tristan.

In a greeting on Gemma’s birthday in January 2022, Rami commended her for being “a fantastic stepmum” to Tristan.

“To Gemma, the love of my life,” Rami wrote.

“I’m so glad you’re back in my life.” This is something I’ve always hoped for and believed would happen.

“Me and Tristan consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have you in our life. You’re a lovely stepmum to Tristan and a wonderful partner.

“We are ecstatic to have you here, and you bring us so much joy.” “We love you, Gemma, and we wish you a happy birthday.”

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