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Roger Mahoney Died: Know How Did He Die?


In recent news, popular cartoonist Roger Mahoney died. At the time of his death, he was 89 years old. The news of his death has been widely shared on the internet, bringing everyone’s attention.

People who loved him for his work have come forward to pay him their respects and offer their deepest condolences. We will find out more about him and his death in the article below. Roger Mahoney’s latest information can be found in the entire article.

How Did Roger Mahoney Die?

Roger Mahoney died on November 5, 2022. His death was peacefully at home. It is believed natural causes are to blame.

Roger Mahoney died from natural causes. Roger Mahoney, a cartoonist, continued to draw for Andy Capp comics. These comics appeared in Mirror newspapers for 20 years following the death of Reg Smythe (1998). Roger Mahoney, a renowned Andy Capp artist, has died.

Who was Roger Mahoney?

His fellow artists honored the former professional musician whose exceptional talent helped him rise to comic strip fame. Roger was born in Portsmouth, England, on 23 June 1933.

He attended an art school after that. Roger Mahoney then created cartoons in English for English-language newspapers. While playing in local bands, he began drawing cartoons for customers.

He also created the comic strip to go along with the program, and he got to know Jim Henson who is the creator of the Muppets.

Roger is survived his wife Myra and daughter Sandra as well as his sons Russell, Terry, and Julian. Sandra said that he was a kind man.

He was still painting ten days before his death. Mahoney collaborated with Jim Henson to create a Muppets animation and helped bring back Norman Pett’s Daily Mirror comic strip “Jane”.

Mahoney illustrated several illustrations for Barry Appleby, creator of the Daily Express comic strip “The Gambols”, with his wife Dobs in 1954.

Barry encouraged him to keep going and they became close later. Roger created Mandy Capp in 1997 for The Mirror and The Gambols.

In 2000, he took over control of Andy Capp. Roger Kettle’s scripts made it easy to transition. Lawrence Goldsmith and Co. began producing writing after Kettle left in 2010.

Roger published his last strip at the age of 87 on November 14, 2020. Roger continued to work on The Gambols until his death.

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