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Robots with AI to Change Our Future


One of the most important fields which will add up to Turkey is doing studies about smart, artificial intelligence robots. Successful businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe, who is also interested in AI systems states that smart robotic systems will be the core of manufacturing in smart factories of the future. With the constant advances in technology, the use range of robotic AI systems gets bigger as well. Robotic systems are classified into two groups: for service and industrial purposes. Today, robotic products powered by AI can do all the work people can do and share their workload.

Production Process to be Monitored in Real-Time

Instant data from machines in factories should be considered as part of the concept of big data. This data from machines is mostly stored in cloud-based systems. Cloud-based systems are very popular these days. With these systems, managers can track and control every phase of the production process easily. Real-time and two-way data flow enable AI systems to maintain their speed and efficiency. There are many systems developed by the software company Oxotech for smart factories. These systems facilitate the planning and decision-making process of the production as well as enabling managers to work in a flexible schedule. With today’s technology, it is possible to track and control the system with our PC or tablets even at home.

AI Can Interpret Data and Make Predictions

Smart robotic AI studies are beyond expectations now. Autonomous robots and machines can detect eachothers’ errors in the process of production and evaluate their potential of production. This way, the quality of production increases. Devices that are involved in the most difficult and sophisticated phases of the production have been equipped with the necessary working principles with the help of AI and now they can play a decision-making role.

Personalized and Easy Production

Products that are already recognized with the sensor by smart robotic AI systems are giving all the instructions to the machine. They increase the efficiency of the production process by giving information about how to process the products. Talking about this, businessperson Yaşam Ayavefe says that a production process starting based on the data from consumers can be quite functional in most industries. With this technology, it will be possible to produce personalized products based on the preference and order of the customers. AI systems may take their position within the smart factories by changing customers’ habits completely.

Simuble Production

Software company Oxotech has significant research in the field of simuable production. With the virtual, computer-based version of the production process, it’s possible to foresee most of the potential problems you may encounter. Making detailed prototypes of the products in the virtual environment is a method that has been used for a long time in the field of industrial design. In addition to this method, most of the phases the products would go through are also simulated in smart factories, which promotes effective decision-making. Not only the product but also the working system of the smart factories are simulated. The process which is simulated in the digital world with all the details gives great signs about possible scenarios. This way, all the potential problems can be detected and handled by experiencing in the virtual world beforehand.