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Rescue Sapling Groot : Rescue Sapling Groot From The Holly Hedges


Rescue sapling groot : One of the cool things about Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite—other than the awesome Marvel-themed Battle Pass and all that entails—is the way we unlock some of this season’s coolest stuff.

Fortnite’ Baby Groot Location: Where To Rescue Sapling Groot From The Holly Hedges

rescue sapling groot

For instance, if you want to get Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, you’ll need to start Thor’s “Awakening” challenges, which will also unlock his special built-in lightning emote.

And if you want to be able to transform into She-Hulk, instead of just running around as Jennifer Walters, you’ll need to solve her Awakening challenges also.

Groot has his own set of challenges. These unlock both the Baby/Sapling Groot back bling and his special “emote”—Rocket Raccoon as a battle companion.

Groot doesn’t transform (though having him start as a teenager and transform into his full size would have also been cool) but he does accessorize! Or maybe fraternize? Whatever.

For the purposes of this challenge we’ll look at how to unlock the adorable Sapling Groot back bling, since that comes first on the Battle Pass at Tier 32 and Groot’s Awakening challenges aren’t until Tier 47.

You can’t just claim the Sapling Groot reward, you have to solve the challenge first—by rescuing Sapling Groot from the nursery in Holly Hedges.

What fate you’re rescuing him from is a mystery—to be sold to some potential plant buyer, I suppose. But save him you must.

Once you arrive at this location you’ll be in the nursery. There will be several groups of tall plants near one another.

In one of these you’ll see little Baby Groot hanging out. Simply interact with the little guy and you’ll immediately equip the cutest of all back blings.

As you can see, he’s a little hard to spot at first:

You’ll unlock the back bling before you actually unlock Groot at Tier 38, and then it’s a few more tiers before you can start the Awakening challenges.

I’ll have guides for those up as well so stay tuned to this blog.

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