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Rarest 10p Coins: How Much Are Their Worth?


Rare 10p coins: The most precious and unusual coins are part of the A to Z series, which was struck in 2018 and re-released in 2019.

The greatest of British themes, such as James Bond, a cup of tea, and cricket, were represented by an easy-to-guess graphical design for each letter of the alphabet.

We’ve gathered some of the rarest 10p coins and looked up how much they’re selling for so you can see how much yours is worth.

Here’s everything we have discussed about some of the rarest 10p coins, know how much its worth. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Rarest and Valuable 10p Coins:

Y stands for Yeoman Warder 10p – £11

The tails side of this coin displays a yeoman warder to honour the ceremonial guardians of the Tower of London who guard the British Crown Jewels.

It’s the second most valuable coin on eBay so far this year, despite being third on the Change Checker scarcity list.

On eBay, the most recent selling price for a 2019 Y for Yeoman 10p coin was £10.50 for an uncirculated edition.

During a competitive auction in November 2021, ten bids were submitted.

Circulated versions are closer to £7.50, such as this one, which recently sold on eBay for 75 times its face value.

There are a total of 283,000 of these coins in circulation.

Z stands for Zebra Crossing 10p – £11 Z

This coin was created by the Royal Mint to commemorate James Callaghan’s famous black and white pedestrian crossing.

Since appearing on the iconic cover of the Beatles’ album Abbey Road, they have also become legendary in British culture.

The best recent price for a 2019 Z for Zebra 10p on eBay is £11.27.

The price of a circulated edition is £6.50.

There are 283,000 of these in circulation, just as the Y for Yeoman Warder coin.

R stands for Robin 10p – £14

The R for Robin coin, which topped the scarcity index in November, currently sells for more than any other 10p piece on the market.

A robin sits inside the letter R in this R for Robin design, which has a wintery, snowy background.

This adds to its popularity over the holiday season.

In mid-November, we came across a circulated one that sold for a solid £14 after receiving 12 offers.

It may not appear to be a large sum of money, yet it is 140 times the face value of the coin.

Even yet, with 284,000 coins in circulation, they outnumber the Y for Yeoman Warder and Z for Zebra Crossing coins.

W stands for World Wide Web 10p – £10

This W for World Wide Web 10p includes a fantastic spiderweb design to commemorate British Tim Berners-invention Lee’s of the internet.

Despite the fact that it’s unclear how the design links to the internet, these coins continue to sell for up to £9.50 on eBay.

Although this is less than the £14.50 we saw last year, it is still a consistent amount.

The price of a circulated edition is around £3.20.

Over the last four years, 283,000 of these coins have been produced.

Q stands for Queue 10p – £6

It’s been said that we Brits enjoy waiting in lines, and this 10p coin pays homage to that.

Ten people are shown queuing in the midst of the letter Q in the artwork.

When we looked at recent eBay postings, we found one 2019 coin that had four bids and sold for just under £6.

However, it is for an uncirculated coin; used coins can cost up to £2.50 depending on their condition.

The circulation mintage for this currency is 303,000, according to Change Checker.

T stands for Tea 10p – £6

It’s difficult to find a British person who doesn’t enjoy a cup of tea, and this coin honours the famous hot beverage.

A hot teapot sits next to the letter T on the front of the coin.

On eBay lately, an uncirculated version sold for more over £6.

However, like in this case from just a few days ago, a disseminated version might still net you more than £4.

A total of 304,000 of these coins were produced.

What factors influence the value of a coin?

Collectors usually look at the mintage figures to determine the worth of a piece.

It is rare because of the low mintage, which frequently means it is more valuable, but it isn’t the only factor.

Change Checker also considers how many of the coins have been gathered by its users, indicating how easy they are to locate (or not).

The experts also keep track of how many times a design has been requested as a swap in the preceding three months, which indicates how strong collector demand is right now.

Although the index may not always equate to value, it is a useful indicator.

What to do if I have a rare coin and want to know it’s worth?

According to The Royal Mint, one out of every four old £1 coins is suspected of being a fake, therefore there are definitely more fakes in your spare change than you realize.

The Royal Mint is unable to determine the worth of a coin, but it can confirm whether or not it is genuine. A letter will normally be sent to you to confirm this.

Once you’ve determined whether the coin is genuine, you can sell it to a coin dealer, at auction, or on eBay.

You may get an idea of how much your coin generally sells for on eBay by looking at recent sales prices.

Search for the coin’s entire name, choose the “sold” listing, and then change the search to “highest value.”

It will offer you an estimate of how much money the coin is worth.

You have the option of selling the coin on eBay or through a professional like Change Checker.

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