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Ramadan 2023: 5 Traditional Sehri Dishes to Enjoy During Ramzan


Ramadan 2023: On the blessed mornings of Ramzan, one must begin with sehri, or breakfast, to stay hydrated and nourished until dusk.

For one month every year during Ramadan (also known as Ramzan), Muslims around the world observe fasting to connect with Allah. A typical day in Ramadan begins at dawn with suhoor or very early prayers and ends after sunset with an iftar meal.

Fasting during Ramadan is incomplete without eating Sehri, the morning meal that should be consumed before sunrise to provide energy and hydration throughout the day.

Furthermore, this pre-dawn meal or sehri is consumed prior to offering the Fajr prayer – the first of five prayers offered daily – which helps ensure proper nutrient absorption throughout the day.

After eating sehri, people recite Roze ki Neeyat – a single verse prayer that officially marks the start of Ramadan’s dawn-to-dusk fast. In order for those who fast during Ramadan to remain energetic and hydrated throughout the day, let’s explore some traditional sehri dishes enjoyed during this month of Ramzan.

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Best Food for Ramadan 2023

Haleem (mutton stew)

Haleem, also known as Haleem in Arabic, is a porridge-like dish prepared during Ramadan that people fasting during Ramadan prepare with lentils, meat, and wheat. Cooked slowly over several hours for hours, this authentic cuisine dates back to Mughal times and features ingredients used during preparation.

Keema Kaleji Tikki

Keema kaleji tikki is made with minced lamb meat and liver, along with flavorful spices, tomatoes, dal, cashews, chilies, and other ingredients. Once fried until golden brown and served alongside delicious dips.

Dahi Anjeer Kebab

Vegetarians can easily prepare dahi anjeer kebabs as it’s a light meal made with cottage cheese, hung curd, anjeer or figs along with several spices and mint chutney. Perfect for those who don’t feel like indulging in heavy meals during sehri.

Fresh Fruit Salad

People who will be fasting during Ramadan can fuel their bodies with a fresh fruit salad in the morning to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Furthermore, this will add valuable fiber to their diet.

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Oats and yogurt porridge is a high-protein breakfast dish that will keep you energized throughout the day. You can prepare it with ingredients such as fruits, honey, nuts, yogurt, and oats to your personal preference

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