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RadhaKrishn, 24th June 2021, Written Update: Krishna Forgets to Play Flute While Narrating Tale Of Vidhyalakshmi


Today On Radhakrishna you will see that Krishna will narrates the story of Vidhyalakhsmi in today’s episode.

Krishna narrating the story but suddenly Alakshmi leaves from there and goes to Asur Guru Shukracharya and said brother you know why I have come here and Shukracharya said I know you want to beat Lakshmi and I Have no conflict with Lakshmi but Narayan is my biggest enemy.

Shukracharya said that you don’t have any patience if you want Gajlakshmi’s blessing but you have missed these things. And Krishna who is narrating tales to Dwarka peoples said that Gaj Lakshmi’s blessing makes you wealth from animals.  Krishna further states that Vijaylakshmi is not about winning whereas it means that you will have control in all senses of your body.  

Shukracharya said to Alakshmi that you will have to win once to get Vijaylakshmi and he further said that there is one Lakshmi will get you all failure passed i.e Vidhyalakshmi means Vidhya is the no.1 power is Vidhya in this world and now Krishna is also going to narrate the story of Vidhyalakshmi and if you do hurdles in narrating the story and makes Radha to not get his memory back you have to do hurdle in narrating the story of Vidhyalakshmi i.e Saraswati who is the goddess of Vidhya, Vigyaan and Sangeet.

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And finally, Alakshmi interrupts Krishna and said to Radha that I heard from you that Krishna plays very beautiful sound while playing flute then she ask Krishna to play bansuri (flute) but Krishna can’t able to play flute and whole Dwarka gets shocked and Krishna departure from there.

Then Balram asked Krishna how Alakshmi takes his power to play Flute and Krishna said that Alakshmi’s power is increasing day by day it get to be end when Radha know the reality of Alakshmi.

Radha touches bansuri and it gets black and Alakshmi said that Radha mistakes make Krishna to not play bansuri and Jestha( Aka Alakshmi ) said that today’s evening you will see my lover.

Watch Today’s Radhakrishn episode only on Star Bharat Tonight or you can watch it on Hotstar OTT Platform.

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