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Rabbit Alternatives 27 Plus Sites like TV



Rabbit Alternatives 27 Plus Sites like TV: Hi, Friends. Today I am sharing some exciting information on the topic of 27 Rabbit Alternatives 2021 Sites like Rabb. It TV. Please go on the article and enjoy reading it.

In this article, we have listed 27 alternatives to the Rabbit. It describes them to make it easy to find the best alternative—Rabbit aka Rabb.TV was an excellent platform.

Where some people used to organize meetings with friends, also stream movies and videos together. It allowed them to be scattered around yet to watch the same shows together.

Rabbit Alternatives 27 Plus Sites like TV

Rabbit Alternatives

Last year in July. Kast obtained Rabb. With the software’s rights, a pile of objects relating to the intellectual property, and an invention. Rabbit Television had stopped working in May.

Nothing forced it to shut down. Its investors just withdrew from it. Initially, it was a group chat app that is on the web with video streaming features.

Rabb. It allowed to sharing of anything web browsers like Chrome or Opera that could play. It is closed now, but you don’t need to worry because there are many similar apps like a rabbit.

Here Are the Rabbit Alternatives 27 Plus Sites like TV:

1. Invited

Many users can create a room and take turns controlling the nearly as described browser to surf the web together. Invited delivers high-quality video and audio for the movie watching needs any website that can visit a regular web browser. Can call it Invited. Netflix, Crave, Crunchyroll all are work.

The Features of Invited include: 

  1. Private rooms with free virtual machines
  2. Integrated chat and control sharing
  3. Room capacity of up to 50 peoples

The New and exciting features that are currently under development for Invited includes:

  1. Desktop and mobile apps
  2. Full voice and video chat functionality
  3. Emoji, Gifs, and Reacts

Invited is free to use, with an optional subscription plan of $5 per month and $50 per year. The subscriptions allow one to skip the line waiting for a room during peak hours can find invited updates on their Medium blog.

2. StreamParty

Need a house occupied by a club for video lovers? One can stop right here at StreamParty. The best Rabb. It is an alternative in   2021, from an up-to-date video database of more than 100.000 movies and episodes. One can begin the StreamParty right on the spot.

Users can also select between the public and private StreamPartys. Public StreamPartys are free of charge and also can host up to 50 subjects. The event is listing on the dashboard. The interested members can join in to share the experience.

It is a great way to meet folks interested in the same style; one won’t be alone for long as the community already has 50 thousand global members.

If one likes it is quieter; then one can schedule the own private StreamParty. Including the video and audio chat for up to 6 people.

The basic membership is free with unlimited public StreamParty hours. Some hours of private StreamPartys included. If one should need more, then one can easily top-up.

Need inspiration for the next session? Visit their blog.

If one likes watching videos together with friends or future friends, StreamParty is the place.

3. Kosmic

With the Kosmic, one can hang out with friends almost. One doesn’t need to install or even signup. One can easily create a room where one can communicate over the webcam and chat. One can also share the browser tab or screen and also share whatever is going on there.

As a Rabbit alternative, Kosmi also allows one to watch the synced Youtube and local video streaming services like a rabbit. One can play the NES and SNES Emulator.

It can play with friends. One should play the game of Quake 3, Texas Holdem Poker, etc., with anyone can join the room instantly with a URL even many strangers can request to enter the room.

4. Watch2gether

Watch2gether is an excellent alternative to Rabbit Alternatives; it allows one to watch content and videos with friends in sync. You don’t have to signup to create the own chat room after one has made the chat room.

One can invite anyone to join in; however, the only supported video streaming platforms are Amazon, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Youtube, and Facebook.

One can also watch the live Twitch streams and listen to music on Soundcloud. All the users can search and play videos, unlike rabbits. One feature is one cannot log into third-party accounts. It means one cannot use Hulu or Netflix.

But one will still have use to a vast collection of free videos on the platform that it supports. However, it does not have screen share websites like a rabbit.

5. Meta stream

Meta stream has an excellent live operation playback because it uses its proprietary technology to deliver the increased streaming experience to many people with approximately no manifest. Apart from that, it also offers on-screen chat—quick user management along with video queuing similar to apps like a rabbit.

Also, Meta stream supports almost every central streaming platform like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, etc. But it does not have the facility to stream the download media, audio support, or webcam support. Suppose that is okay with you. Then, Meta stream is one of the best Rabbit alternatives.

6. TogetherTube

Together tube supports various websites similar to Rabbit, including Dailymotion, Youtube, Soundcloud, and Vimeo; one can listening to music and watching videos in real-time by using these platforms are the best part about this alternative Rabbit. It is that one can create a private chat room or even a public one. It allows all the users to add videos to the playlist from the supporting platforms.

Then, the users vote on the videos. The one with the highest vote gets to play. Next together tube comes with many other features that will make it stand out from the same apps.

One can design the settings in the chat room. To change the name of the room and restrict other users from voting the videos.

7. Rave

Importantly, Rave is a web-based media platform. But it also plans to be a social media center. It allows one to share music and videos with the friends they are listening to and share them with a mobile device. It is one of the Rabbit alternatives that offer the streaming services like Rabbit.

One can share the videos from Google Drive, YouTube, Dropbox, Reddit, Vimeo, and Viki. One can also share the videos and music from dropbox. This app works with almost every device works with both Android, iOS smartphones, and Tablets.

8. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a lengthening of the Google Chrome browser before one should start sharing. One and the friends need to install the extension after adding the attachment. Login to Netflix and also select a video to share to use the extension to create a Netflix Party. Then one can invite friends. One can also chat in real-time along with watching videos.

But this extension does not work with local videos or any other platform. It only works with Netflix. It is a website like Rabbit, but it is not an app like Rabbit in many ways.

9. ShareTube

It is one of the best Rabbit alternatives that allow one to create a chat room quickly and invite family and friends. With them, one can watch the synced YouTube Videos.

Use streaming services like Rabbit, and create the playlist as well. It comes with one of the most straightforward interfaces for creating, also joining the chat rooms without creating an account.

But it works only with YouTube. To start syncing, one has to enter the URL of the YouTube video also comes with a group chat option. It does not have many features of Rabbit. But it offers a sensible video watching experience with friends and family.

10. Parsec

It is a game streaming app like Rabbit, but one can also stream the videos on it. It allows one to invite friends and also stream the videos together to watch them in real-time.

Also, one will not experience any manifest issues with Parsec. The friends will be able to comment in real-time. One will interact with them while watching the videos since it is not built for video streaming. Other members cannot control the videos. To make up for that, it brings one with the superior synced playback.

The main feature of Rabbit. One can group chat as well, but it does not have a webcam or audio support that allows one-way control is one of the good alternatives to Rabbit.

11. is the best alternative to Rabbit so far. Circle. Tv allows one to smoothly stream videos together from the platforms like Dailymotion, YouTube, and Vimeo.

One can stream the videos directly on the website. Share the URL from other websites and also watch the videos together. It supports emojis in chat but has no webcam or audio support, all in all, and a good platform. It is a good Rabbit alternative.

12. Synatop

Synatop is another web-based app, same as the Rabbit app, and it allows one to watch videos with family and friends using a remote connection. Using Synatop with the other options is free, but one should need to create an account.

After one has to create the account, then one can add apps to it. One can watch movies, play games, listen to music. Also, collaborate on the work projects.

Synatop app can share all content types since it is a complete remote desktop platform. Rabbit streaming services are based on the web entirely; hence, there is no need to download anything, but it has a disadvantage that only watches movies from the titles available on the website.

13. Airtime

Airtime is a mobile app like Rabbit. It works with both iOS and Android. With Airtime, one can share all the mobile device content with family and friends despite where they are. One can also enjoy music and watch the videos together. Apart from that, one can also send messages.

Airtime only works with the platform that it supports. One can listen to music from Spotify and stream videos from YouTube. One can also play the games and share GIFs with Airtime. It is one of the beautiful apps like Rabbit.

14. Together TV

On the Together TV, one can cause to occur with the video playback files through a web-based interface. Together is one of the few alternatives to Rabbit, where one can stream content from Hulu, Netflix, and other paid streaming services. One doesn’t have to share the login details since this web-based app can share a remote desktop screen from the browser. One can let the site play an unknown video for one.

One can stream the video and music files from the computer directly. The best part about this app is similar to Rabbit. One can use audio chat with friends on Together TV for free.

15. Syncplay

One can download Syncplay for the desktop or laptop. One can only invite the people who also have the same program on their system after installing the Syncplay launches a media center to sync the connected users.

So, when one is synced, then one can play videos and music from the computer. But the family and friends can watch it from any corner of the world. Syncplay is only available for macOS, Windows, and Linux; however, Syncplay does not have a mobile version. But it supports most of the video formats and is free to use. One can use this Rabbit alternative to stream videos and movies.

16. Kast

Since Kast obtained the Rabbit app, so we cannot leave it out of the list. Can we? Kast is computer-based software that runs on Mac and Windows machines. One can also use this Rabbit alternative from the browser, including an app for chatting, sharing, and supporting videos, texts, voices, etc., which also offers streaming services like Rabbit.

One can also host Television and movie parties for over 100 friends. It also allows one to play games with friends. Share the gaming experience as well in real-time.

17. Explore app

Explore is a new app for mobiles. Its main target is to connect and explore the world. It is a good option if one wants to learn about the culture, habits, food, fashion, etc., of a particular country, but the app offers a lot more than that.

Export is Including social networking apps like chatting, private rooms for movie watching, instant messaging, group video calls, free internet phone calls round-the-globe, etc.

This website is like Rabbit app that also offers streaming services like Rabbit.

18. TwoSeven

TwoSeven is a video streaming and also sharing website. Similar to the Rabbit app and it also allows one to interact with them using the chat. However, unlike Rabbit, it does not support the live audio commentary.

The TwoSeven app focuses on three main things- real-time experience without latency. Live reactions on webcams and supporting top video streaming services like Rabbit TwoSeven support Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, and many more. It is also has a Chrome extension through which one can stream videos from any website.

TwoSeven is a strong alternative for Rabbit. That supports endless streaming without compromising the live watching experience.

19. SimulChat (inactive)

SimulChat is yet another Rabbit alternative. It allows its users to video chat and creates private chat rooms for playing games, watching movies, and sharing files is a web-based service that is easy to use, that one is also text the chat here, along with offering streaming services like Rabbit. SimulChat app makes sure that the Youtube videos are synchronized. It feels like one is watching Television in the same room.

Although one cannot use the sites like Amazon and Netflix. one can share the own videos and watch them together. It is free to use, but one should need to signup to takes just a few seconds to register yourself on Simulcast. It will take minutes to create the room.

20. SyncLounge

If one uses Plex, SyncLounge is a good Rabbit alternative for one. Since it allows one to play synced media perfectly, this platform is not a complete alternative for the Rabbit app, but it has a dedicated co-watching app for Plex. It also allows one to connect to the Plex library along with creating a private room. With friends and family.

SyncLounge uses its server. Instead of Plex’s passing the data to multiple people, its synced playback is quite good as an app similar to the Rabbit app. It also allows one to chat with the members. One can also make the experience of watching the video social and interactive.

21. Animeparty

AnimeParty is without unnecessary extras websites like Rabbit. It is dedicated only to streaming and watching Anime content. One can create a private room and then share it with family and friends. It has a Japanese film and television animation style—a library from where one can pick any content and start watching it right away.

One can also use its group chat feature in this app like Rabbit TV. So one can stay interacted. Apart from that, it has a deserving praise sync playback. One will not find any significant issues in streaming the videos. It is a Rabbit-like platform for watching Anime.

22. TogetherJS

Mozilla Labs design TogetherJS. It is loaded with real-time collaboration for websites—the applications and watching movies and videos together.

It allows one to add a real-time collaboration system instantly to their websites. This application is slightly different from the most real-time collaboration platform since it is free and websites like Rabbit.

This app has an open-source JavaScript library for adding the tools. It is a collaboration system for users’ websites, along it also helps them enjoy the videos and movies together.

By installing TogetherJS, one can send link friends to join the app to interact in real-time and similar to the apps like Rabbit.

23. Caracal Club

Caracal Club is the only ‘true’ Rabbit replacements. That lets one stream a virtual web browser. It means it works with every website out there. One doesn’t have to share the screen. One can create a public or private room the host can pass the remote to whoever they want.

Caracal Club has a text chat feature. But unlike the Rabbit app, it did not yet have voice or video chat; apart from that, it works in a way that will be very close to former Rabbit app users because it uses a real virtual web browser.

That it has to run and convert the video, there are only a limited number of rooms that can use for free, only 40 at the time of writing. But the users can subscribe for the price of $5 per month to make a room whenever they want.

24. Tutturu

Tuatara is a shared browsing service, just like Rabb. It.

Invite the friends to a room and take turns controlling a shared virtual browser. Visit any site that one wants. YouTube? Yep. Reddit? Mhm. The favorite anime site? You got it.

Tuatara offers everything with an ex-Rabb. It. The user would care. Including LY

  1. The Private rooms and free virtual browsers.
  2. Remote passing; browse interactively with friends.
  3. The Audio chat and text chat, with formatted message support.

Their plans include:

  1. A mobile app that is iOS + Android
  2. The Public rooms
  3. Video chat

Tuatara is a free user; it may need to wait. But subscribers can skip the line. A subscription costs of price $5 a month. Viewers never need a subscription to participate.

25. TeamFlix

Another popular Rabb. Its alternative is the TeamFlix app. It allows one to share the PC screen with friends and loved ones to watch the videos online.

It also supports videos from Netflix, Vimeo, Reddit, Instagram, Streamable, Imgur, Facebook, LiveLeak, WorldStarHipHop, and direct video links.

Moreover, one should get a shareable room link without signing up on TeamFlix. After sharing the room link with the friends. They can enter the chat room and start watching the video.

That one is playing on the browser. Additionally, one and the friends can chat and share their thoughts. But they are watching the video to have double the fun.

26. Synaptop

Synaptop is a free cloud-based alternative. The screen sharing service. One can watch the movies with friends from the browser together. All one should need to do is to create an account. Also, share the room link with the friends.

Suppose one should need advanced features like open & manage files, control devices, run apps, video & text chat. The playing games with friends. One should go for Synaptop. Start having fun with the loved ones by watching videos from YouTube and other platforms.

27. Surge Live

Surge Live is a free Rabb alternative in the year 2021 to watch movies, Netflix, Hulu, TV, Anime, and more; with powerful tools, Surge brings the best watch party experience that one can ask.

It uses ownership software that links all clients to the same video stream. It is allowing people to watch their favorite videos with their family and friends. From the comfort of their own homes.

Was it tired of those other websites that are streaming on low-quality video? Don’t visibly anxious. The Surge Live allows up to 4K Ultra High Definition streaming. So that doesn’t miss a single detail.

Have a community that one should want to stream the video? May the flock be large or small, surge Live allows unlimited users to join any room without paying for a subscription.


These are 27 alternatives to Rabbit TV that is aka Rabb. One can use it for streaming and watching videos. Also, listen to music with family and friends from every corner of the world.

So, this is vital information on the topic of 27 Rabbit Alternatives Sites like Rabb. It TV.

If Queries or Questions is persisting then, please comment on the viewpoints.

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