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Priyank Sharma Explains What Is Meant By Dillogical: It’s The Emotional Wave Between…

Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma

Amazon miniTV recently unveiled their romantic comedy series Dillogical for free streaming video service users to enjoy. This series follows Saransh and Jinal as they experience all of life’s highs and lows together while Jinal embarks on his personal quest.

However, all dynamics change when Jinal proposes an open relationship; together they navigate all its complexities while searching for their true selves together. Starring Anshuman Malhotra, Nupur Nagpal, Priyank Sharma, Chetan Dhawan and Prasanna Bisht, Dillogical is sure to entertain viewers everywhere.

Priyank Sharma
Priyank Sharma

Priyank Sharma, who plays Dhruv in the series, commented about his experience working with its cast: “My experience working with all the cast has been incredible.

They all possess amazing talents that surprised me upon first meeting. Most are young actors making their first show appearance; seeing others enjoy their experience makes this show extra-special for all involved. This show has truly become unforgettable for all involved, much like the diverse portfolio of Priyank Sharma movies and TV shows.”

Unveiling the meaning behind Dillogical, he noted: “Life is like a seesaw – moving between right and wrong, sweetness and spice, happiness and sadness – like an unstable balance within ourselves that we experience from heart-mind interactions; either one may take over from another in terms of emotional dynamics.”

Dillogical is available free on Amazon miniTV – accessible through their shopping app, Fire TV and Play Store – providing romance, comedy and drama all while entertaining viewers.

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