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Uk’s Prince Andrew Loses Military Titles And Use of HRH


Prince Andrew loses his military titles and the right to use the designation HRH.

Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of York’s military titles and royal patronages had been returned to the Queen.

According to a royal source, Prince Andrew, 61, will likewise quit using the style of His Royal Highness in an official capacity.

It comes as he faces a civil suit in the United States over sexual assault allegations, which he has always denied.

Prince Andrew loses his military titles

According to a source close to the duke, he will “continue to defend himself” in the New York case launched by Virginia Giuffre.

However, the source emphasized that a judge’s decision to allow the civil suit to proceed on Wednesday was “not a judgment on the merits of Ms. Giuffre’s allegations.”

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“The Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the Queen with the Queen’s assent and agreement,” Buckingham Palace stated in a statement.

“The Duke of York will continue to refuse to perform any governmental obligations and is defending himself as a private person in this matter.”

According to a source, all of Prince Andrew’s roles have been returned to the Queen and allocated to other members of the Royal Family.

According to the source, the subject had been discussed extensively with the Royal Family.

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Why Prince Andrew Loses Military Titles?

Like Harry and Meghan, Prince Andrew will keep his title of HRH but will not use it in any official role.

The Ministry of Defence had no comment on the duke’s military titles being returned to the Queen and stated it was a matter for the Palace to handle.

More than 150 Royal Navy, RAF, and Army veterans signed a letter to the Queen on Thursday, urging her to divest Prince Andrew of his eight British military titles. The anti-monarchy pressure orgagroupublic posted the letter.

Lt Stuart Hunt, a member of The 1st Royal Tank Regiment who signed the letter, said the prince’s military titles should have been revoked sooner but that the problem should have been settled more shortly.

“It’s an unsavory industry,” the 52-year-old told PA News Agency. I’m just relieved that he’s no longer involved with the service.

“Whether he is guilty or not, he has tainted the situation… He is unfit to hold an honorary position. By getting himself into this circumstance, he has forfeited that right.”

Buckingham Palace’s retaliation has been fast and ruthless.

The Royal Family is attempting to separate itself from the tainted aftermath of the charges against Prince Andrew.

There will be no more His Royal Highness in this court case. Thus he will have to defend himself as a private citizen against Virginia Giuffre.

This is said to have been a mutual decision rather than anything forced upon them.

However, the military titles and royal functions will be passed along to other family members, implying that they will not be returned to Prince Andrew regardless of the outcome.

Reason behind prince Andrew loses his military title

The window of opportunity for a return to public life is closing.

He appears to be maintaining his constitutional function as “counselor of state,” one of four royals who can take over the Queen’s official duties if she becomes ill.

The court case will continue to generate headlines, and there will be worry that it will cast a pall over the jubilee year. Still, this clear decision will have already quenched calls for his removal from his remaining official positions.

Prince Andrew has categorically denied any wrongdoing, and his lawyers claim that the investigation is a “marathon, not a sprint.”

Even though this must feel like a massive and quick retreat.

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The duke served in the Royal Navy for 22 years, including a helicopter pilot during the Falklands War.

According to the latest Palace declaration, he has lost military designations such as Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, one of the British army’s most senior infantry battalions.

He no longer holds the following UK military titles:

  • RAF Lossiemouth’s honorary air commodore
  • The Royal Irish Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief
  • Small Arms School Corps Colonel-in-Chief
  • The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeth’s Own) Colonel-in-Chief
  • Yorkshire Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief
  • The Fleet Air Arm’s Commodore-in-Chief
  • The Royal Highland Fusiliers’ royal colonel
  • The Royal Regiment of Scotland’s royal colonel.

The duke will also relinquish colonel-in-chief of the Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada, colonel-in-chief of the Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment, colonel-in-chief of the Princess Louise Fusiliers of Canada colonel-in-chief of the Queen’s York Rangers, among other overseas honorary positions (1st American Regiment).

The Palace has verified that he would keep his service rank of Vice-Admiral.

He was promoted to Vice-Admiral by the Navy on his 55th birthday in 2015, in line with his still-serving peers as an ex-member of the armed forces.

The duke had been scheduled to be promoted to Admiral on his 60th birthday in 2020, but he requested a postponement after stepping down from official duties in 2019.

According to the Palace at the time, his other military posts had been suspended.

Several other charities and organizations had severed relations with the duke. Still, he retained many royal patronages, including serving as a patron or member of prominent golf clubs, schools, and cultural institutions.

Tobias Ellwood, the Commons Defence Select Committee chair, praised the Duke of York’s military titles and royal patronages being restored.

He told the BBC’s Newscast podcast that the duke’s status change was “essential” to safeguard the military’s reputation ahead of the US civil action.

“Prince Andrew had previously stood down from many of his public activities – I believe all of them – so I believe this was anticipated, if not expected, from this standpoint, so I’m not surprised.”

“It’s critical that the issues that Prince Andrew has faced do not spread to the regiments that he represents,” Mr Ellwood added.

Ms. Giuffre’s lawyer, David Boies, had previously stated that monetary compensation would not be enough for his client, telling the BBC that she wants to be vindicated.

The prince’s lawyers said her action should be rejected, citing a 2009 contract she made with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Judge Lewis A Kaplan, however, disregarded Prince Andrew’s claim that the case against him was “legally weak” and could not be heard at a future trial in a 46-page judgment.

Ms. Giuffre, now 38, filed a civil complaint in August 2021 in New York under the state’s Child Victims Act, which permits survivors of childhood sexual assault to pursue a case that would otherwise be banned due to the passage of time.

Ms. Giuffre claimed she was the victim of sex trafficking and abuse by the late billionaire financier Epstein, in court documents submitted as part of her civil case against Prince Andrew.

She said that she was partly abused because she was lent out to other prominent men.

Ms. Giuffre claims that when she was 17, Epstein forced her to have sex with Prince Andrew.

She claims the duke abused her three times while a minor in the United Kingdom and the United States.

In a 2019 interview with BBC Newsnight, the Queen’s second son stated that he had no knowledge of ever meeting Ms. Giuffre and that her claims of them having sex in the United States and the United Kingdom “didn’t happen.”

Shortly after the interview, the Duke retired from public life, using it to reiterate his denials of Ms. Giuffre’s charges and explain his association with Epstein and the late financier’s lover, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Ms. Maxwell was found guilty last month of soliciting and trafficking minor females for Epstein’s sexual abuse.

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