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Top 5 Greatest Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom


Top 5 Greatest Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on the Top 5 greatest Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

Top 5 Greatest Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom

Many years have been passing with different Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. With their duties, works, and responsibilities on the country and his people. So many PM is changing with their new ideas, thoughts and to improve the situation of the state. Here are some of them:

1. Clement Attlee (Served as a Prime Minister in UK 1945 to1951)

Clement Attlee

When it comes to lasting legacies, few of the British politicians can match the life of Clement Attlee and his radical welfare reforms, which quite remain the main pillars of British society.

Clement Attlee, who is died in the year of1967, was voted as the most successful British Prime Minister of the last century in the year 2004. Many of the respondents were asked to give their ideas on the greatest domestic and foreign policy’s successes and failures of the 20th century, and the majority of the responses singled out the Attlee government’s welfare state that reforms and the creation of the NHS that is the key 20th-century, domestic policy achievements.

Clement Attlee also claimed the best spot in two subsequent surveys by the university, in the years 2010 and 2016.

Fabian Society’s Dick Leonard and Britain’s oldest socialist name think-tank, who credits the PM Attlee’s government with transforming Britain for a good cause. It is created the welfare state, that included the NHS, which was rebuilt the ruined Economy, nationalized a series of industries, His record was a good deal better than it has been credited as he gave freedom to India, and played the most important role in the creation of Nato.

2. Tony Blair (Served as Prime Minister in the year 1997 to 2007)

Tony Blair

During most of his term, Tony Blair would leave office as one of the most controversial United Kingdom’s politicians of the 21st century.

Tony after taking power in the largest landslide in the British electoral history, set about recreated the good economy, and introduced the minimum wage, before a series of foreign policy decisions that are earlier created but eventually spoil his reputation, in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, and Iraq.

Given in the record, it is a great talk that Blair did not have anything in the office. It is not just Northern Ireland and the minimum wage that he left a big legacy. Many of his achievements such as in the field of The Welsh Assembly, The Scottish Parliament. A mayor of London. A plunging crime rate. Even abroad, his brand of freedom interventionism in Sierra Leone and Kosovo was also a success. He is a hero to Kosovan Albanians because many of them have named their children Tonibler in his honor.

3. Margaret Thatcher (Served as Prime Minister in the year 1979 to 1990)

Margaret Thatcher

She is the most astonishing Prime Minister in British history. Margaret Thatcher’s history is created that of free-market policies including Trade liberalization, Deregulation, Sweeping Privatisation, that has broken the power of the unions, individualism and the formation of a Business culture, in an ideology that has come to be known as Thatcherism.

The former leader, who has died in the year 2013, sought to impose cases of thrift, of self-reliance, of aspiration, of freedom in the purest form, and of unswerving patriotism. It seen most obviously in her decision to launch a task force to reclaim the Falkland Islands when so many siren voices suggesting, she let the junta’s aggression on a stand.

However, her policies and strong attitude toward striking miners have made her one of the most hated politicians in the United Kingdom history among certain countries.

She spoiled too many good things in the society, and created too many bad ones, then left a social and moral voice in which the selfishly rich and fortunate could too easily destroy still more of what they don’t need and cannot see that everyone else does need character.

Nonetheless, Margaret remains a strong figure and an icon for the Conservatives and free-business enthusiasts over the world.

4. Winston Churchill (Conservative, 1940-1945 and 1951-1955)

Winston Churchill

Continuously voted the greatest Briton of all time, Winston Churchill is almost certainly the most iconic British Prime Minister.
He was first a government minister in the year 1908 and carried out most of the top jobs in politics during half a century. He finally retired the year1955, Churchill served as prime minister for a total of nine years.

But it was his extraordinary leadership in World War II that marked him out of politics.

However, Winston’s reputation has been gained by increasing scrutiny in the recent years of his relationship with British India. The legendary Tory, who died in the year1965, whish was considered independence leader Mahatma Gandhi a challenge to the British Empire and has been accused of triggered on devastating famine in Bengal in the year 1943 through large-scale exports of food from India.

Churchill has also been criticized for his different attitudes on unions and worker’s rights that including a notorious incident that took place in which soldiers were deployed in response to create strikes in Tonypandy in South Wales during his post as home secretary.

5. David Lloyd George (Served as Prime Minister in the year 1916 to1922)

David Lloyd, was the MP for Caernarfon Boroughs, had already served as a Chancellor, Minister of munitions, and also Secretary of state for war during the First World War, when he became Prime Minister in the year 1916. He was the first and only minister to hold the office and is the only British leader to have spoken Welsh, which is hardly spoken by the population. But Welsh is the first language for him.

As in the post of chancellor of the Exchequer, Lloyd George died in the year 1945, he oversaw the introductions of many reforms in his country which laid him the foundations of the modern welfare state. But his biggest achievement came during his post as Prime Minister when he played a vital role at the Paris Peace Conference of the year 1919 that was reordered in Europe after the fall of the Central Powers.

Indeed, PM Lloyd George was acclaimed as the man who had won the War, as well as leaving a positive social history for post-war in Britain, says the United Kingdom’s government.

So, this is the interesting information on the Top 5 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. Please go through it and also suggest your viewpoints.

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