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Powermat Introduces New Charging Spot 4.0 Powered by SmartInductive™ Technology


Industry-changing platform is compatible with all wireless standards, making it easy for consumers to wirelessly charge more types of devices than ever before with no drilling required;

Signaling a new era in wireless charging, Powermat recently is excited to release Charging Spot 4.0 with SmartInductive technology, a groundbreaking new platform that can wirelessly charge virtually any device, on almost any surface with no drilling required.

Eliminating barriers that have hindered the industry for over a decade, Powermat’s SmartInductive technology is compatible with all wireless standards, counting Qi, AFA inductive, Apple 7.5W and other fast charging capabilities. And since it supports 0-40W on a single platform, consumers can power up more types of devices than ever before, from mobile phones, to tablets, wearables and even laptops.

“As the leader and pioneer in wireless charging technology, recently is the culmination of a long-held vision and a lot of hard work – recently is the day when wireless power becomes universal and accessible for all,” said Elad Dubzinski, Powermat CEO. “By enabling greater device compatibility, a simplified charging process and easy installation, we’re making wireless charging technology more accessible for both businesses and consumers.”

SmartInductive technology is a new way to enjoy all the benefits of inductive charging with all the capabilities of long range charging technologies. The first product powered by this technology is Charging Spot 4.0.

Poised to unlock the full potential of wireless charging in public venues, Charging Spot 4.0 can be quickly installed with no drilling required, making it easy and affordable for businesses to transform everyday surfaces into wireless charging stations- with no cords, unsightly hardware or drill holes. Best of all, Powermat Charging Spots are future-proof, so businesses can be confident they will work recently and in the future with new smartphones, tablets and laptops being added all the time.

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