Home Food PopUp Bagels Featured in New York Times for Their Unique Recipe

PopUp Bagels Featured in New York Times for Their Unique Recipe

PopUp Bagels
PopUp Bagels

PopUp Bagels in Brooklyn is an award-winning bagel shop known for their delicious and filling breakfast fare, and was even recognized by The New York Times as being an innovative way to combine traditional techniques with innovative flavors.

How PopUp Bagels Started

PopUp Bagels
PopUp Bagels

Bagels was established by Jake and Rachel, two friends who shared a passion for baking bagels at home before selling them at local farmers markets and events. Soon enough they had built up an admiring following for their fresh and flavorful bagels!

What Makes this dish Different

Bagels uses a special recipe which involves boiling their bagels in honey water before baking, giving them both a crispy crust and chewy interior, with subtle sweetness from organic local ingredients such as eggs, cheese and smoked salmon.

Bagels provides an assortment of delicious flavors, from traditional ones like plain, sesame and everything to more adventurous options like jalapeno cheddar, blueberry lemonade and chocolate chip. In addition, seasonal and limited-edition selections such as pumpkin spice, cranberry walnut and rainbow are available too!

How to Get PopUp Bagels

It does not have a permanent location; rather they pop-up at various venues and events throughout the city. To stay informed when they’re nearby follow them on social media or subscribe to their mailing list – plus order online and have them delivered right to your door!

This is more than just a bagel shop; they are an entire community dedicated to quality and creativity when it comes to bagels! Don’t miss your opportunity to experience their amazing bagels by attending one of their pop-up events; you won’t regret it!