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Pokemon Hidden Ability :  Breeding Guide for ‘Pokémon Sword and Shield’: Egg Moves, Hidden Abilities, IVs, and More

Pokemon Hidden Ability

Pokemon Hidden AbilityWhile catching Pokémon is an important element of the franchise, many trainers, particularly those interested in competitive battles, will want to take advantage of the breeding function in Sword and Shield.

Many of the breeding methods remain the same from generation to generation of Pokémon games, but each new title adds something new to make it easier for trainers to build their dream team. Breeding is easier than ever with Sword and Shield.

Here’s everything you need to know about breeding Pokémon in Sword and Shield.

BASICS | Pokemon Hidden Ability

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, the foundations of breeding are quite simple. A Pokémon Egg is created by leaving two Pokémon of opposite genders of the same species, or of the same Egg Group (more on that later), at the Nursery.

If two distinct species are crossed, the resulting Pokémon will be of the mother’s species.

Pichu and other baby Pokémon are also unable to breed. There are two nurseries in Sword and Shield. The first is on Route 5 and may be reached by Corviknight Taxi.

You can leave up to two Pokémon at the Nursery for 1,000 PokeDollars.

The other is in the Wild Area’s Bridge Field portion and is also Taxi accessible.

Pokémon of different kinds can breed in Egg Groups. Based on its physiology, each Pokémon belongs to at least one Egg Group.

To determine the group your desired Pokémon belongs to, we recommend checking through Serebii’s Egg Group listings.

The worker will cross their arms to indicate that an Egg was generated once you’ve left two compatible Pokémon in the Nursery and gone about.

You can add the Egg to your party after speaking with them.

After a specific number of steps, an Egg hatches. Depending on the species, the number of steps required to hatch an egg varies.

Having a Pokémon with the Flame Body ability in your party is the best way to speed up the hatching process. This will help the Egg hatch faster by incubating it.

We also recommend getting on your bike and going for a short ride.

The Nursery on Route 5 is a good place to breed because it’s close to a lengthy bridge that you can ride back and forth on without being interrupted.

DITTO | Pokemon Hidden Ability

Ditto is a unique Pokémon that can breed with any other species of Pokémon.

These are beneficial for a multitude of reasons, including obtaining the desired Nature, passing on IVs, and attempting to produce a female-gendered Pokémon.

Normal-type Pokémon can be obtained during Max Raid Battles in the Wild Area of Sword and Shield or in the Lake of Outrage segment.

Due to the random nature of the Pokémon that occur in Max Raids, you’ll want to keep an eye out for a Ditto raid or find someone online looking for trainers to combat one.

Ditto is also the only Pokémon that can breed with Pokémon that aren’t gendered.

NATURES | Pokemon Hidden Ability

The Nature of a Pokémon is used to determine its best and worst stats.

You can see the Nature and which stats it influences by glancing at that Pokémon’s summary page.

The metric that has been increased is highlighted in red, whilst the stat in blue will grow at a slower rate than usual.

The Everstone can be used to guarantee a Pokémon’s Nature through breeding. This item may be found near the Stadium in Turffield.

Hold the Everstone while breeding the Pokémon with the desired Nature, and the children will inherit that Nature.

The new Mint items in Sword and Shield can be used to better modify the affects of Natures. Mints can change a Pokémon’s stats depending on the Mint’s name.

For example, regardless of the Pokémon’s actual Nature, if you give it the Adamant Mint, the Attack stat will develop faster while the Special Attack stat would grow slower.

It’s worth noting that the Pokémon’s Nature remains unchanged, but the stats that are modified do.

If you wish to skip this step in the breeding process, you can buy one at the Battle Tower for 50 Battle Points.


Pokémon have abilities that can aid them in battle, but getting the one you desire isn’t always straightforward.

In Sword and Shield, most Pokémon have two skills that are their “regular” powers.

The Ability that is passed down in the case of breeding will be randomised between the two parents.

However, if you breed a Pokémon with the correct Nature and IVs but the incorrect Ability, you can buy an Ability Capsule in the Battle Tower for 50 BP to change the Ability.

However, this does not function with Hidden Abilities.

Hidden Abilities are abilities that are only found in a few Pokémon. A Pokémon caught in Max Raid Battles in Sword and Shield has a possibility of having its Hidden Ability.

You can breed your desired Pokémon’s children once you’ve obtained the Pokémon with the desired Hidden Ability. It used to be that only female Pokémon could pass it on, but now both male and female Pokémon can.

A female Pokémon with the Hidden Ability has a 60% chance of passing it on to her offspring.

If any gender Pokémon with the Hidden Ability breeds with a Ditto, the chances are roughly 60%, but the female parent must have the Hidden Ability.

MOVES OF THE EGG | Pokemon Hidden Ability

Pokémon with Egg Moves can be caught in the wild as long as they are surrounded by the “brilliant aura.”

Trainers can locate Pokémon with this aura in the overworld at random, and the yellow ring around them can be used to identify them.

These Pokémon will have a maximum of three IVs and an Egg Move unique to their species.

Although the Pokémon’s Egg Move may be random, it’s a terrific way to achieve the desired attack without having to breed for it.

However, breeding is the simplest approach to ensure a specific Egg Move.

The Egg Move will be passed down to the child as long as one of the parents has it.

Another new element in Sword and Shield is the ability to pass Egg Moves down through the generations.

If one parent has the Egg Move and the other is left at the same Day Care Center, the Egg Move can be passed on to the other.

The sole need is that the parent from whom you want to learn the Egg Move has an empty slot for each assault.

So, when you’ve left both parents, wait a while and you’ll notice that both Pokémon have the Egg Move.


Individual Values, or IVs, are a Pokémon’s unique personality traits that influence how much weight is given to individual numbers. A Pokémon’s stats range from 0 to 31, with 31 being the highest.

You’ll need the IV Checker in the Rotom PC to determine out how strong your Pokémon’s IVs are. Trainers must defeat Leon in the Battle Tower to get this useful attribute.

After you’ve obtained the IV Checker, go to the Rotom PC to check out your Pokémon’s stats, including their IVs.

To display the IVs of the highlighted Pokémon, press the (+) button. The “Best” stats have been maxed up.

The quickest way to breed IVs onto a Pokémon is to purchase the Destiny Knot for 10 Battle Points at the Pokémon Center in Hammerlocke.

Three of the parents’ IVs are handed down at random to the children, but activating the Destiny Knot ensures that five of the item’s 12 stats are passed down.

If both parents, for example, have perfect IVs in HP, that trait is more likely to be passed on.

So, in the metrics you want, aim to have both parents’ IVs close to ideal.

To breed for a five or six perfect IV Pokémon, this is the most time-consuming part, but if you want to speed up the process, you can use Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps to boost stats using Hyper Training.

When you use a Bottle Cap, the Hyper Trainer in the Battle Tower will maximum one stat’s IVs, or all stats if you use a Gold Bottle Cap.

The Nintendo Switch game Pokémon Sword and Shield is now available.

Have you already started breeding for a competitive team? Let us know how you did it in the comments.

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