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Top 5 Winners of Eurovision 2017


Top 5 Winners of Eurovision 2017: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on The Top Five Winners of the Eurovision 2017. The Eurovision 2017- We have spent months to following all the updates, getting to know each of the songs and the performers and brushing up on what’s happening ahead of Kyiv, Ukraine hosting ESC 2017. We are here to dish on our Eurovision 2017 Top Five Winners who ones we expect to do extremely well, and sail into the Eurovision 2017 final on the year of 13th May 2017 and quite possibly even win the contest.

Top 5 Winners of Eurovision 2017

1. BELGIUM: BLANCHE ‘CITY LIGHTS’ (Final 4th place)

The Brussels is one of our favorite places in the world. So, we naturally would love to see them host. Though it is not even certain if the Brussels would host again, the Belgium have an incredibly strong shot in the Blanche. We have to say we were so impressed with this internal selection from the RTBF. The Belgium declared that the Blanche very early in the game, the eye catching everyone off guard but clearly, they had their secret weapon confirmed and also ready.

This is another17-year-old competitor, the Blanche’s City Lights is the painfully contemporary and oozes cool with a modern sound. What we are not sure of yet is the live performance but we have not seen any live performances of the City Lights by Blanche yet. The video is quite a conceptual, we hope so and we are excited to see this event sit deservedly high on the leaderboard.


There is nothing a messy about this polished song, which is indeed the beautiful from the 17 year-old Kristian Kostov. Like Australia, this is another boy ballad and he is performing head-to-head against the Ireland’s Brendan Murray in the Semi-Final 2, but we think this boy will comfortably find its way to the Eurovision 2017 Grand Final. This came out with a quite late in the process, it revealed fairly close to the declaration deadline but the Bulgaria had been teasing something big for the months and they also have certainly got a confident competitor here. After the Poli Genova’s storming of the leaderboard last year, could this boy be a new dawn for the Eurovision 2017.


The Last year’s runner-up and overwhelming jury’sfavorite was nothing short of an exceptional spectacle. It is not even a Guy Sebastian, if we are being totally honest, so this is a bit of a departure for the Australia. It was teased, as it always is, that a big name was going to compete for the Australia and it is relatively unknown the Isaiah emerged as their hope for the Eurovision 2017 in the Ukraine. A recent X Factor Australia winner, we were not a 17-year-old guy with a Sam Smith-esque ballad and the ‘Don’t Come Easy’ left us a little ‘meh’ upon first listen, but this song is quickly creeping up in our estimations. Staging will need to be more memorable and it is stand-out like in the last year if this has a hope of grabbing the crystal microphone Down Under, of course, but it should do well in the event.


The Francesco (Frank) Gabbani who won the San Remo Festival back in the February with his song Occidentali’sKarma in English: Westerner’s Karma and sails right into the Grand Final as Italy and he is one of the ‘Big Five’ and we believe it is the best chance for a Big Five winner at the Eurovision 2017, closely it is followed by the United Kingdom.

This is the third year in a row we have predicted Italy’s success at the Eurovision, we thought the Il Volo had it in the year 2015, but this could do just as well, if not is better. It is topping the bookmakers odds round Europe but we are nervous about this possibly having the peaked too early. You have watched our more seemingly controversial thoughts about the Italy’s entry on our YouTube, but we truly do think of this is an infectiously fun song. It is the tongue-in-cheek, upbeat and does not take itself too seriously, it is performed by an energetic, and born performer.

5. FINLAND: NORMA JOHN ‘BLACKBIRD’ (Final 12th place)

Everyone is instantly associates Finland with the Lordi following their shock win in the year 2006, and we think it is about the time that a more universally appealing song won to balance the Finland’s standing in this Contest. We were captivated by the Norma John’s live performance. It is the passionate and the emotional piano-tinkling performance, those soaring high note which punctuating each chorus, the quiet power and the brevity of the entire arrangement. It is the beautiful but haunting, and we are hoping for them to staging that perfectly complements that. This is the certain to progress from the Semi-Final 1 and we have seriously high hopes for this contender and it would be a stunning winner.

So, these are The Top Five Captivated Winners of the Eurovision 2017. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.