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Pokemon Go Excellent Throw : Fundamental That Everybody Should Know


Pokemon go Excellent throw : You’re up against a massive, terrible research work right now if you’re tackling the elite challenge in Pokémon GO, and it’s perhaps the hardest one we’ve seen so far.

You must make 50 excellent throws, a feat that would have taken me a year to accomplish in my early days of playing the game.

But this isn’t the beginning, and we’ve got some pointers to get us started.

Here are some more effective techniques to get great throws in Pokémon GO.

Play a tonne of Pokémon GO all the time, catching thousands of Pokémon over the course of years, until the act of throwing the ball is as normal to you as walking:

This is most likely the most effective method. However, this isn’t very valuable information!

The fundamentals of Pokemon Go

pokemon go excellent throw

While I’m sure there’s a dataminer out there who can provide a more specific statistic, we can discuss it in broad terms.

You’ll notice two circles when you hold down your Pokeball on the catch screen: one black and one coloured midway between green and red.

As you hold the Pokeball, the green and red circles shrink, then expand to the size of the black circle before shrinking again.

What type of toss you’re going for is determined by the size of this circle. You’ll receive a good throw if you land it inside the circle when it’s at its largest.

You’ll get a terrific throw if you land it in the middle of the circle. You’ll get the coveted good throw if you manage it while the circle is at its smallest, shortly before it refreshes. Now let’s look at how to go about doing that.

Make a list of your Pokémon’s top priorities:

While it is possible to achieve a perfect throw from any Pokémon, some are simply not worth the effort.

Pokémon that are far away or have small circles will be significantly more difficult to catch.

You’re looking for something with a large circle that’s as close to the camera as possible.

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Ponyta, Slowpoke, Snover, Numel, Wailmer/Spheal, Machamp, and Snorlax are all nice Pokémon.

But keep an eye out for what’s available and what works for you.

Many evolved or difficult-to-catch Pokemon can be useful in these situations, especially since you’ll be able to farm them, as we’ll discuss in a minute.

Legendaries are usually the best Pokémon in this area: As far as I recall, Groudon was particularly simple.

Legendaries earned through the Go League, Research Rewards, or any other occasion where you have unlimited balls are your best bet.

You may do it in Raids as well, but be aware that you will run out of balls.

Nanab Berries can be used in a variety of ways.

It’s best to apply this tip in conjunction with the preceding one. However, after you’ve found a good target, you’ll want to make things as simple as possible for yourself.

Instead of using a razz berry to boost your capture odds, use a Nanab berry to slow down the encounter and make it more predictable.

To farm, use regular Pokéballs:

This is especially useful in the current skill challenge, because 50 great throws is a ridiculously large number.

In this case, though, not catching Pokémon is just as useful, if not more so.

When you locate a nice target that is large, close to the player, and does not move around a lot, the last thing you want to do is waste it by putting it in a Pokéball and finishing the battle.

You should utilise a red Pokéball to give yourself a second chance at things, which is especially handy with legendaries.


This is one of the most crucial, if not the most obvious. Take your time.

If one of the sliding Pokémon is on the wrong side of the screen, simply wait for it to return. Just wait if you’re not feeling it on a certain circle. By moving quickly, you get nothing.

Curveballs should be used:

This is a tough one to evaluate because it’s impossible to do so in a controlled environment: I usually throw curveballs, hence all of my fantastic throws are curveballs.

But they just seem to be a little better: my assumption is that the ball crosses the target plane at a shallower angle of attack, giving it more chances to strike in the proper spot.

But I don’t know nearly enough about the underlying math to make a definitive statement, so I’ll simply assert that they appear to be simpler.

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