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Paulina Alexis- Actress, Model, Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer


Paulina Alexis has been a part of the Canadian entertainment industry for years, and now that she has settled in Edmonton, Alberta, she is continuing her career as an actress.

Continue reading to find out more about Alexis’ early career in acting and her life today.

Paulina Alexis: Acting career in the early stages

Paulina Alexis, an actress, model and singer from Canada, is also an entrepreneur and social media person. She was born September 7, 2001, in Edmonton (Alberta).

Her parents are Nauzin and Yvette Alexis. Her acting debut was in Beans, directed and produced by TraceyDeer, which she saw in 2020.

Paulina is the youngest of her two children. She has always been interested in acting and entrepreneurship. Since her early age, she has participated in plays and dramas in school.

Her work also included collaborating with celebrities and directors. Currently she’s signed to Darryl Mork Talent Management and APA.

Paulina’s single. Paulina works on her job and dreams of becoming a director. She is currently focusing her efforts on her job and hopes to have an impact on the lives of young people.

Alexis was still an actress in 2022 and is striving to be a successful actor. Her family is very supportive of her career.

Jason Reitman recently cast her as Ghostbusters: Afterlife. In a mini-series that will air in Canada, she’ll also be appearing.


Paulina Alexis, a 19-year old actress started her acting career with Beans. Her birth date was September 7, 2001, in Edmonton (Alberta). Tauzin is Tauzin’s father.

Tauzin is the youngest child of her four siblings. One bedroom apartment is all that the family resides in in the heart of the city.

She is free from any controversy in regards to her personal life. Alexis is the descendant of seven Treaty Six Territories and Seven Territories, Alberta.

Her support network is strong and her family has been supportive throughout her transition to the film industry.

Paulina’s name isn’t as widely known but it has earned her a loyal following.

Many in the film industry are impressed by her commitment to the cause, as she has made it clear that she wants to make a positive impact on the generations to come. Aside from all the above, she also loves animals.

Surfing is her passion and she can swim quite well. Her other hobbies include horse riding, hockey, and kickboxing.

The native name

Paulina Alexandris is an actress in her twenties who looks set for a long, successful career. She has appeared in several popular movies and TV shows.

In fact, she won the Best Actress award at the Film Independent Spirit Awards in 2022.

Paulina Alexis, a Canadian, was born on September 7, 2001 in Edmonton. Nauzin Alexis, her mother, and Yvette Alexandris are her parents. She played sports in her youth.

Acting was something she loved growing up. Following her graduation from school she decided that she wanted to be an actor.

Her family keeps her grounded. Rose lives with her parents and two brothers. Neben acting, she loves kickboxing as well, hockey and horses.

When she was a kid, she was involved in several plays. Her high school team participated in ice hockey. After that, she applied for roles on TV. She was offered a role in Beans 2020, which she accepted.

Edmonton: Current Life

Paulina Alexis is an actress, model and social media influencer. Canada native, Alexis lives in Edmonton.

Since the age of four, she’s been an active participant in various sports. She loves hockey.

The Agency of Performing Arts, the biggest talent agency in film and television industry, represents her. She is currently involved in three projects.

When she was a child, she took part in various plays. As she grew older, she decided to focus on her career. Apart from acting, she is also a keen horse rider.

She enjoys playing ice hockey in her free time. Her skills were developed through consistent practice.

Also, she’s a member in her family’s rock group. Paulina has two brothers and one sister. She currently lives in Edmonton in an apartment with one bedroom.

She is the daughter of a musician and now she wants to be an actor. Alexis will make her acting debut with Beans in 2020, directed by TraceyDeer.