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OnePlus Six Will Be Fast, But That Won’t Be Its Top Feature


OnePlus Six Will Be Fast, But That Won’t Be Its Top Feature: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the OnePlus six will be fast, but that won’t be its top feature.

OnePlus Six Will Be Fast, But That Won’t Be Its Top Feature

OnePlus Six

OnePlus, since the time it is launched its first phone in the year 2014, which is known as the company for geeks and the enthusiasts. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I will say, it lost its way but with the OnePlus 6, it is seemingly coming back. In a big way. It all starts with what is going on, on the inside of the company.

A lot is going on, for sure, only this time it involves things that are likely to make the geeks and the enthusiasts cry out of joy. The OnePlus has assembled a new team inside, that it is calling Team FSE, and no I don’t think it is getting anything to do with the Avengers initiative special edition of probably the OnePlus six that is the leak in online recently. Or may it do, I am not sure.

The FSE stands for Fast, Stable, Efficient, and in the words of OnePlus, the newly inducted team’s “role is to ensuring that OnePlus devices offer the fastest, and smoothest, user experience available.” The bottom line is, the OnePlus six will blaze fast.  Else is new, you ask a lot.

The OnePlus six is coming with the notch. Like it or not. But, know a thing or two about OnePlus, you will see the company is taking user feedback very seriously. Apparently, its users, are not the fan of the notch, which is why the OnePlus six allowing them to hide it, through software.

The tweak that will apparently let the users protect the notch by blacking out the sides of the screen around it will push out later that is a software update. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed the same on the company’s official forum.

It means the OnePlus six is not allowing OnePlus six users to hide the notch at launch, but at least it will allow them to do that post at the start, which is nice. Huawei’s is recently launching P20 and P20 Pro, to recalling, ship with such a functionality. Both the Huawei phones come with a notch up-top and allowing the users to hide it that software. The OnePlus CEO has, however, stressing that letting the notch live on will allow for the best possible full-screen experience on the OnePlus 6.

Elsewhere, the OnePlus six willpower by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and one of its versions will come with the 8GB RAM and 256GB with the internal storage.

The name OnePlus six has already confirmed and gone by the sudden influx of the information from OnePlus itself that it seems the OnePlus six is just around the corner. OnePlus usually launches its next-generation flagship in June following by a juiced up T-version sometime in November. OnePlus 6T is too early to speak on the OnePlus six which is happening, and it is seemingly happening soon.

The OnePlus six will also have a notch. It will blaze fast too but here is what will be its headlining feature:

Android Oreo

OnePlus and significant software updates have terrine table relationship. So much that it is not surprising for OnePlus to drop the bomb on a major software update after committing to the cause that every new OnePlus phone is guaranteed at least two significant software updates post availability just the way Google envisions it. The global search engine giant has stepped its game guarantees at least three years of Android software updates for the next-generation in Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL phones.

It’s not so much about OnePlus failing to fulfill its promise, as it is about the way it goes about launching its new phones.

Take the last year’s OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T for example. The OnePlus 5 was launched in the year June 2017 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat: fair enough. The OnePlus 5T was started in the year November 2017 with Android 7.1.1 Nougat as well: not cool. Both the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T starting receiving the Android Oreo update at the same time early this year.

  • OnePlus five has launched with the Android Nougat: Update 1 to Android Oreo: Update 2 to Android P: Two updates as promised
  • OnePlus 5T launched with the Android Nougat: Update 1 to Android Oreo: Update 2 to Android P: Two updates as promised

While on paper it may see that OnePlus will head to update both the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T for two OS versions, in real-world usage: the cycle is not going down so well for OnePlus 5T users.

This is because the OnePlus 5T was launched in the year November 2017 that is a good three months after Android Oreo was rolled out and  OnePlus choosing not to equipping OnePlus 5T with latest and greatest in software. The reason citing is OnePlus wanting to update both OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T at the same time so OnePlus five users will feel left.

The same stand is correct for OnePlus six as well. Because the OnePlus six will ship with Android Oreo, chances are potential buyers will be getting more out of their purchase though. Regarding software.

It is something that the geeks and enthusiasts would particularly appreciate. At this point, if you’re still wondering what makes Android Oreo so different, well, you are everything but a geek or enthusiast. But that’s okay. I always math for you.

The Project Treble

The secret in the case of the OnePlus 6, will be a little thing that Google calls it a Project Treble. Before you getting the hopes high to let me break that bubble for you by saying, Android Q will still the last major software update that you are like to get, Project Treble is ensuring you to get there as quickly as possible.

A glaring concern about OnePlus devices lately is the fact that OnePlus takes terribly long to push out updates. Now it does push them out faster than others, but, if you are a geek or enthusiast, every minute counts. Enter Project Treble.

How do I know the OnePlus six which is an unreleased phone will support Treble for sure? Well, if the OnePlus six ships with Android Oreo out of the box which it must defend the treble.

It is a Google guideline, and OEMs must follow. Has it for the OnePlus 6 to launch with Nougat, OnePlus would have had a say, and it could or could not implement it. But Oreo means Treble; there’s no escaping it. So what makes Project Treble so special, you ask now.

Before Oreo and Project Treble happened, the OS framework and low-level software often referred to as vendor implementation something that is maintained by the chip maker which is Qualcomm in the case of OnePlus devices were all part of the same code.

Every time the OS got updated, this low-level software also had to be updated which meant a company like OnePlus had to wait for Qualcomm to update its code for the whole thing to work. That is the lot of work, one depending on the other, to get the job done.

Starting with Oreo, Google has separated the OS framework and low-level software which means a company like OnePlus can update the Android OS without having to touch the vendor implementation, which in turn can be updated by itself at a later stage.

It should speed up the whole update process. At least on paper. Updating its phones will still be in the hands of a company like OnePlus, only it is one less thing to worry. Not to mention, it will also mean, geeks and enthusiasts, would expect a company like OnePlus to roll out updates faster.

All say and done, there is no guarantee the OnePlus six can move past the shadow of its predecessors and their update cycles, but at least, Project Treble gives you a silver lining to look forward.

There is no denying that OnePlus phones are fast. The OnePlus six will hopefully be faster. But OnePlus is a company that looks forward to the geeks and enthusiasts to make a selling. For everybody else, there are the Oppos and the Vivos of the world. And geeks and enthusiasts are kind of nit-picky about updates. With the OnePlus 6, OnePlus has a chance, to win them back.

So, these are the points to describing on the OnePlus six will be fast but that won’t be its top feature.

If any Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment your viewpoints.

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