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Now You Can Fax From Computer With The Amazing Fax Free Services


Now You Can Fax From Computer With The Amazing Fax Free Services: Fax is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day. People are becoming fax lovers day by day. Most people, nowadays, are heading towards fax in order to have smooth and secure official communications.

And you know what the best part is, the majority of these faxes using people no more have the need for a fax machine. Individuals who used to transfer their faxes using the big and bulky fax machines are now getting rid of these fax machines and the trouble they cause. There has been a new way of faxing around which is way more convenient and easy. And that is the method of ‘faxing through computers’.

Now You Can Fax From Computer With The Amazing Fax Free Services

We all know how much importance computers hold in our lives. As time is passing, they are becoming more and more necessary. That is why they are readily available too and almost everyone owns a computer nowadays. So computer faxing is a wonderful idea. For faxing, computers are a far better choice than fax machines.

Fax from Computer

When we talk about computer faxing, the first question that arises is that of ‘how’? How is computer faxing done? Are there any complex requirements? Don’t worry, you will have answers to all your questions by the end of this manual. So keep on reading to know all about the amazing technique of computer faxing.

As it’s obvious that everyone is fed up with the big fax machines, the trouble they cause and the hard work they need in order to set them up and use them. So there was a continuous search to look for a way that was better, easy and also fulfilled the faxing purpose well. This is where computer faxing came in, and people grabbed it like they were waiting for it.

Where its working is concerned, faxing from the computer is not as simple as it seems. Faxes are quite old and thus work through analog signals while computers are a recent innovation and thus digitally designed. Due to the fact that these two have different working mechanisms, it was considered difficult and almost impossible to create a solution for computer faxing.

That’s the time when online fax services came in. You can think of an online fax service as a bridge, a connector that makes the smooth flow of data possible between the two media, fax and computer. Although Windows has a pre-installed feature of ‘fax and scan’ yet still online fax services are always preferable. And we have just the right and best one for you.

CocoFax – Fax from Computer Anytime Anywhere

The best of all other fax services in the faxing industry is none other than CocoFax. No other fax service can come up to its level. With CocoFax, you can fax it from the computer without any complexity. And not only computers but all other devices that you use can also work just like a fax machine and send and get faxes for you if you have CocoFax.

It is CocoFax due to which people who had fax machines are now dispensing it off as fax machines are totally useless now, they’ve become past now. Actually all other communication ways have become past since CocoFax arrived. No one is able to deny the superb features that it offers. This is the reason that CocoFax is being utilized by millions of people all around and the client base is ever increasing.

Faxing at its best, CocoFax allows you to fax from your computer in not one but multiple ways. And all of them are the best. Find out all about CocoFax here on Google Fax Free. CocoFax also has this facility of providing you with your personal dashboard. This dashboard is like a web app and you can access it from whichever internet browser you use, there is no limitation on the type of browser.

The requirements are simple as well. All you’ve got to have is a computer with internet on it, a CocoFax account and a fax number. Having a fax number is mandatory whether you’re using old techniques like those of fax machines or you choose to fax with the recent and latest techniques like CocoFax.

Part 1: Fax from Computer using Online Dashboard

As mentioned above, one of the ways through which CocoFax allows faxing is its online dashboard. Here we have described in detail the method of sending and receiving faxes with it.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to register yourself up with CocoFax. For this, click on the 30-day free trial button to have CocoFax services totally free for the first month. Here you will also be allowed to choose your fax number. Don’t worry, CocoFax does not cost you anything for this. The fax number is completely free of charge.

Step 2: At the end of your sign-up process, you will directly be taken to your online dashboard where you will send and receive the faxes. To start with creating new fax, press on the new mail button.

There will be a field named ‘To’. Fill it up with the fax address of the place where you want your fax to go. It is a necessary field hence you must fill it. Because with no fax address, where will the fax go?

The Subject field will have the note which will appear at the top of the fax document when it reaches the destination. However, this field is optional. Another field that is optional is that of Cover Page, which will contain the text you want to have at the very first page of your fax document.

Attach your fax document and press the send button. You will soon receive a notification message on your dashboard telling about the status of the delivery.

Part 2: Fax from Computer via Email

There is another way that CocoFax offers in order to send a fax from the computer and that is through the means of email. With CocoFax, you can now fax with the help of email too. Here are the simple steps.

Step 1: First you need to sign-up with CocoFax, in case you already haven’t. Here you will be asked to provide an email. you must give a proper and active email id on which you want to send and receive faxes.

Step 2: Next thing, you need to open up your email account, whether Gmail, Yahoo or any other. Create new fax by clicking on the option of ‘New Mail’. In the ‘To’ field, the fax address of the recipient will come.

If you want some note to appear at the top of your fax file when it reaches the recipient side, write it in the ‘Subject’ field. The content of the first page of your fax file will come in the email body. The actual fax file will come as an attachment to the email.

Hit the send button once you are done with filling all the required fields. You will soon receive a notification message on your email as well as the dashboard.

The two ways that we mentioned here are the most used ways to send a fax from the computer. They are suitable for everyone that’s why loads of people are using them right now.


CocoFax has made faxing from the computer not only achievable but also very convenient and easy. That is why you should use it too if you were looking for a way to deliver faxes through your computer.

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