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Nicole kidman and Tom cruise Relationship History



nicole kidman and tom cruiseNicole Kidman and Tom Cruise marriage has been in the public eye for decades, yet it continues to be one of Hollywood’s most talked about partnerships.

Though she now prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, Nine Perfect Strangers star Alison Brie was different when she married Cruise in 1990. “At that age,” she revealed to Harper’s Bazaar in September 2021 when asked about publicly discussing her first marriage

The Top Gun actor had previously been married to Mimi Rogers from May 1987 until February 1990, and then divorced shortly after. One year after their split, Cruise and Kidman tied the knot again in December 1990; they adopted two children – Isabella Jane (born 1992) and Connor Antony (born 1995) – before filing for divorce in

February 2001.

“I was willing to give up everything,” the Big Little Lies star revealed to Vanity Fair in November 2002. “Now, that part of me is ready and willing – just like when making movies. When it comes to me, it’s like saying ‘Yeah, bring it on, consume me, intoxicate me!’ Because that’s how alive I feel – with Tom I was reeling and loving every minute of it and would have given up anything for that experience if needed – but that meant giving up some very important things.”

At the time, Oscar winner Nicole shared her thoughts on maintaining a relationship in public. “You’re being watched and scrutinized, which can be deeply romantic,” she told ABC News. “But it also feels like there’s just you two in it together – like being trapped together.” She continued: “I felt I didn’t deserve to be there as Nicole; instead I was Tom’s wife throughout it all.”

Kidman and Cruise were again married after their divorce. The Undoing actress briefly engaged to Lenny Kravitz before she wed Keith Urban in June 2006. Cruise also divorced Katie Holmes six years later in July 2012.
Over the years, Paddington actress has extolled Urban’s unwavering support, praising him for being there every step of the way.

“My partner in life is truly extraordinary,” the country singer revealed to Entertainment Tonight about her husband and father-to-be, with whom she shares daughters Sunday and Faith, in May 2019. “I feel very fortunate that I was raised by such an incredible man – such a wonderful father – and now to have such an incredible husband – makes me very appreciative of all the good men that have shaped and molded me.” She continued, “I can honestly say that

May 2001

“Divorce is never easy for anyone,” Kidman shared in an emotional interview shortly after her marriage to Cruise was legally dissolving. “There are days you feel great and days when it’s not great – but that’s just part of life.”

November 2002

After going public with her split, Boy Erased star felt as if her life had crumbled around her, according to Vanity Fair. “He basically took me off my feet. We fell madly in love,” she remembered. “And as it often does when one falls in love, your plans for the future begin to slip away – my whole plan was just ‘Forget it. This is it.’ I was consumed by it willingly – desperate to have a baby with him whether we were married or not — that’s exactly what I wish I’d done.”

January 2009

Kidman opened up about living in Cruise’s shadow throughout their marriage to Easy Living. “At times, I felt like a star only by association – like going to the Oscars with him and thinking to myself ‘I’m here to support him.’ But it wasn’t my place to put on beautiful dresses and be seen, not heard.”

November 2012

Prior to their split, Cold Mountain star thought her life with Cruise was “perfect.” According to DuJour magazine, “It took me a long time to heal from that shock; we lived in our own little bubble for so long that we became very dependent on one another.”

September 2016

In an interview with Red Book magazine, Kidman compared her early career to that of Taylor Swift – who often made headlines for her love life. “When I got married at 27,” Kidman reflected, “it felt like such a milestone compared to Taylor’s who is 26.” But that was exactly what she wanted!

October 2018

In a New York Magazine essay during the height of #MeToo awareness, Emmy winner Cynthia Urban admitted that discussing her first marriage “almost feels disrespectful.” She married at an early age for love but it wasn’t power she sought – rather protection. Being married to such a powerful man kept me safe from sexual harassment while at work; so when I came out at 32 or 33 it felt almost like having to grow up.”

October 2020

Working alongside her then-husband on Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut was often draining, but Kidman remembered making the most of it. “We were happily married through that,” she told The New York Times. “After those scenes we would go go-karting. We would rent out a place and go racing at three in the morning – what else can I say? Maybe I don’t have enough capacity to reflect back or I just don’t want to.”

September 2021

When discussing her former relationship and its subsequent attention, Kidman told Harper’s Bazaar she had no regrets. “I was young. I think I offered it up?” She laughed. “Maybe now I’m more cautious but I try to remain as open-minded as possible – that’s just how I prefer living in this world.”What Nicole Kidman Has Said About Tom Cruise’s Divorce

December 2021

After watching Aaron Sorkin’s Being the Ricardos, in which Kidman portrays Lucille Ball alongside Javier Bardem as Desi Arnaz, Kidman found its ups and downs to be “very relatable.” She told The Guardian, “It’s about a creative and romantic relationship that doesn’t work out – yet from it come some extraordinary things – and that makes it all the more poignant. You can’t make people behave how you want them to, and sometimes you might fall in love with someone who won’t be your forever partner.”

When asked if she meant Cruise, Kidman responded, “Nah. That was so long ago that it isn’t even relevant anymore. So no.”

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