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Natural methods of detoxification


The liver is a hardworking organ that your body relies on to get rid of all the toxins. The liver is the most essential filtration system in our body. Its fundamental process is detoxification by converting pollutants into waste products, cleansing the blood, absorbing nutrients, and producing proteins. A healthy liver has all the abilities to cleanse itself, but it will not perform at its optimum if it was exposed for some time to too much toxic influence from the environment or diet. Other types of toxins that get in our body can be from various drugs. Take a look at unitedforpatientsafety and see how our bodies react to different sports supplements like SARMs and steroids.

If not taken care of these toxins can accumulate and progressively attack the body, causing it to deteriorate. They can get into the body via many sources, like polluted air, bad chemicals in cheap personal care products, and preservatives in food just a few examples. As a result of long exposure to them, our bodies amass these hazardous chemicals, such as heavy metals, causing continuous chronic inflammation.

If you recently have been exposed to any of such environmental, food, or drug-related causes, we would recommend thinking about trying to assist your body in detoxification. Despite the fact that we cannot control all chemicals and pollutants that come from our environment, the best that we can do is to adjust our lifestyle and the food we consume. You may also try multi-layered detox programs and commercial supplements in order to provide additional support to your organs.

What might cause a disruption in the regular function of the liver?

There are many factors that influence the natural detoxification workflow of the liver. One such factor is being overweight. Most chemicals, even including pesticides, are deposited in your body’s fat tissue. Furthermore, excess fat can accumulate in every organ, like the liver. There is even a disease that is called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a disorder that inhibits the liver from performing its functions effectively. According to one study, even a little weight loss of ten percent can result in a thirty percent reduction in the amount of fat stored in the liver.

Next goes overindulgence in sugar. Too much sugar might also contribute to the development of many liver problems. Sugar has been found to induce liver damage even in those who are not fat, according to many research studies. So leaving sugar for some time makes it an excellent method of natural detoxification. In recent years the new trend of completely abstaining from sugar is getting more common. Many people report that their problems like chronic inflammation and brain fog completely went away after stopping taking sugar.

Excessive use of alcoholic beverages. It is widely known that heavy drinkers are more likely than the general population to develop liver problems. This problem is often found in males who made their habit of consuming a bottle of beer after work or who heavily indulge in heavy alcohol on weekends. The toxins that get in our body with alcohol completely destroy brain cells and cells in other organs. 

Exposure to some outside chemical elements. Anything from paints, insecticides, to fungicides are examples of such substances. Most often, people have continuous exposure to these chemicals because of the dangerous environment. It is essential to either clean property around you or completely move away if you feel any health problems. In case you underwent any serious exposure to them, make sure to take a rest and detox.

The intake of certain drugs. Probably everyone knows that not every medicine is completely drawback free. For instance, a popular drug called Tylenol can be included in a variety of medications, that in high dosages can induce liver damage. The same goes for vitamins that are popular among people. High dosages of various dietary supplements like vitamin B have been shown to induce liver damage in animal studies. It is no wonder that doctors recommend going through an examination before using any dietary supplements.

If you want to help your liver to clean itself naturally, the best thing you can start is to consume only a nutritious, gut-friendly diet and to consume nutrients that are beneficial to your liver and intestines.