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The Truth About Getting Vitamins From Supplements vs. Food


A quick look online or in the vitamin section of the grocery store will have you thinking you can get almost any vitamin or nutrient in pill form. Generally, that’s actually kind of true| supplements vs. food

The Truth About Getting Vitamins From Supplements vs. Food

You can get most of the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs in the form of a tiny little capsule. Should you edge out foods in favor of vitamins, though? Definitely not. 

There’s an art to getting the nutrients you need without micro-managing your diet or relying too heavily on supplements. The reality is that you might need a healthy balance of both. 

We’re going to discuss the idea of getting the nutrients you need from supplements vs. food in this article, shining some light on how you can strike a balance and start feeling as healthy as you can.

Supplements vs. Food: Where to Get Your Vitamins

It’s hard to know just what to put into your body. There are a lot of different people telling us unique things about the perfect diet, how to treat our bodies, and how dietary changes will affect us. 

For example, some people claim that the Keto diet is the answer and others say that it could kill you. The result is that we don’t really know just where to turn or which nutrients we should be getting the most of. 

An overwhelming opinion in the nutrition community, though, is that a varied, well-balanced diet can do most of the heavy lifting for you. We’re built to take in various natural foods that contain all the rich vitamins that nature provides. 

That means eating vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, and legumes in good measure. You don’t have to portion them out perfectly and figure out just how many grams of dietary fiber are in each, but you should keep a general idea of how well-balanced your pantries are. 

The reason for incorporating some variety is that nature provides us with all of the vitamins we need, and most natural foods contain a good deal of these vitamins independent of each other. So, adding a wide variety of the food groups listed above should give you, at the very least, enough to keep your engine well-oiled. 

It’s possible to get what you need without eating meat, but it’s also important to note that you need protein. Meat is a great source of complete proteins, and those who aren’t carnivores should take a little extra time to examine their diet for all of the essential amino acids needed to build muscle and stay healthy. 

What About Supplements?

The situation described above is an ideal one. We’d all like to have enough time and money to vary our diets, cook great meals, and keep our bellies full of fresh foods. supplements vs. food

The reality, though, that most people are busy, stressed, and often limited in terms of cash. Fast food, processed foods, and easy options are all around us and tempt us every time we slow down at a stoplight. 

It’s tough to establish a well-balanced diet in this world, especially if you’re a person on a 9-5 grind. The last thing you want to do after a long day at work is to spend an hour preparing a curated bowl of leafy greens and seeds. 

No, you want to get home, rest a little bit, then devour some heavenly carbs then drift peacefully off to sleep. 

We should probably make a concerted effort to not make a habit of doing that, but life is tough and sometimes we slip up. In the real world, all of those vitamins and nutrients we need to stay healthy aren’t contained in a lot of diets. The easiest dietary options are often the most processed. 

Processed foods tend to be stripped of their organic properties in hopes to last longer on the shelves. Additionally, they’re engineered to tap our biology and be as satisfying as possible. Salt, fat, and sugar are pumped into these foods in ungodly measures. 

The result is that we indulge ourselves with satisfying foods and neglect the vitamins and minerals that our bodies actually want. 

Supplements are a great way to balance things out and get what you need. 

How to Approach Supplements

Now, we aren’t suggesting that you should accept an unhealthy diet and balance things out with supplements for every. It’s very important to realign your diet and try to get all of the nutrition you need through a mixture of foods supplements vs. food. 

That said, even those with extremely healthy diets might need to use supplements for certain things. Different supplements can contribute to a healthier mental state, address different illnesses you might experience, or just boost your diet and give you more energy. 

There are a million uses for different supplements and they can be extremely handy. You can even find supplements for your hair. Do a little digging on where to buy Sugar Bear Hair supplements and vitamins. You’ll be surprised at what vitamin can do for your sleep and your hair. 

The best method of finding and using supplements is to have a specific issue in mind. In other words, make yourself aware of the dietary supplement you need before you just pick one out and start using it. 

A lot of people just buy Omega 3 fatty acids or vitamin D supplements without really knowing if they need one. Sure, those vitamins are great for you and many people don’t get enough of them, but your body might not need any more than it already has. 

Taking supplements in excess can lead to serious health issues. A few vitamins here and there won’t cause any problems, but long-term supplements of a vitamin you don’t need can really cause problems in your body. 

So, find out where you’re lacking and supplement your way into a healthier body. Additionally, do some research on healthy supplements that can improve your mood, focus, and energy levels. 

Want to Know More About Supplements?

Finding out whether to go with supplements vs. food requires a little look at your diet, your experience, and what you think you need. A good balance of healthy foods and supplements can really set you up to be a healthier person. 

It’s easier said than done, though, and we’re here to help. Explore our site for more ideas, insight, and tricks to finding yourself in a healthier, happier body.