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Natasha Chansa Mwansa Died: Lubuto Centre Resident Dies


Natasha Chansa Mwansa died: A former resident at Lubuto Centre, has tragically died at the tender age of 37.

Yes, her sudden death made headlines on social media. Those who knew her are paying their respects and praying for her soul.

It’s hard to believe that she is gone for all those who knew her. We are now going to share important information about the sad passing of the former Lubuto Centre resident.

Many people have been paying tribute to her online since the death of Natasha Chansa Mwansa was announced.

Joan Chiwama posted a photo of Natasha Chansa Mwansa with the words: “It so sad Natasha Chansa Mwansa.” Rest in peace.

A Facebook page called Lubuto Community News confirmed the news about Mwansa’s passing.

We are saddened to announce the passing of Ms Natasha Chansa Mwansa, a former resident of Lubuto Centre.

Ms Mwansa (37), who had recently moved to Lusaka, died at home on Thursday, January 12, 2023. Her uncle, Mr Mabala Chiwama, confirmed this to Lubuto Community News.

Who Was Natasha Chansa Mwansa?

Many people want to know more about Natasha Chansa Mwansa’s death and why she died. Although there is no information on the cause of her sudden death, it is still sad.

Mwansa has left four children. She has not provided any updates on her personal life, but you can see her profile. She was originally from Ndola in Zambia, and is currently living in Lusaka.

For her studies, she attended Ndola Modern Secondary School. In the early hours of January 12, 2023, she took her final breath at home.

Sources are still trying to find out more about Natasha Chansa Mwansa and her unfortunate passing. There are many condolences posted on social media.

The family of Natasha is currently going through a difficult time after the loss of their loved one. This is hard for them to believe.

Still, although the funeral arrangements are not yet shared with the family, they will soon be. Keep checking back to find out more.