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Naked And Afraid: Know The Cast Views After The Show


Contestants on “Naked And Afraid” expose everything for the cameras, and many of them keep doing so after the cameras have stopped rolling.

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Know about ‘Naked And Afraid’ contestants views

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1. Blair Braverman – The First Day Is Somewhat Staged

Former contestant Braverman acknowledged that the first day of the competition was typically staged in a post.

She claimed that in order to acquire shots from various perspectives, she had to strip off twice. She also claimed that she had to follow a script that ordered her to go to a specific location, meet her partner, and deliver the joke or sincere greeting that they had practiced. They then received a cartoonish map and their sacks, which hid the microphone transmitters.

This does not imply that the entire production was staged in some manner. She told how she and her boyfriend were left all by themselves with cameras and how they recorded their experiences of being encircled by hyenas in the middle of the night using handheld cameras.

2. Alyssa Ballestero – Body Image Issue

The cast of Naked And Afraid is frequently portrayed as having no body issues and being completely at ease flaunting them. That isn’t always the case, though. Alyssa Ballestero and Osorio, contestants, talked to People Magazine about their struggles with body image. Added Ballestero:

“I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’m a pretty shy person. I don’t just take off my clothes for any reason. It was awkward, and the crew was like, “Oh, don’t worry. We’ve seen it all before.’ and I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, but you haven’t seen me before!'”

3. Honora Bowen – Some Contestants Allowed To Take Drugs Or Supplements

Bowen has criticized Naked And Afraid about her time on the show ever since she left it. She disclosed in one of her surprising disclosures that certain participants were permitted to utilize supplements or medications.

She stated during an interview that her boyfriend Matt was permitted to take Adderall, but the producer insisted that the prescription was a forgery. She was on the show, though, and was denied her potassium and sodium medicine for a renal condition.

4. Alison Teal – Show Doesn’t Showcase All Contestants’ Works

Viewers aren’t allowed to see all the intricacies of the candidates’ creations, but it seems like there are a lot more intriguing things happening behind the scenes. One of the former candidates, Teal, noted that she created a 40-foot ladder and a fishing net among other things in a Reddit post. They were not, however, highlighted on the program.

5. Stacey Lee Osorio – Producers Provide Female Casts With Hygiene Products

Concerningly, the show’s viewers would often wonder how the female contestants handled certain hygiene concerns while in the wild. As it turns out, the show’s producers provide them some assistance. Former participant Stacey Lee Osorio revealed in an interview:

“Yea, you pretty much just wear a tampon and try to be as discreet as possible. It’s pretty uncomfortable and gross, but at least we get that one luxury. Thanks, Naked and Afraid.”

6. Phaedra Brothers – Given Food Poisoning By The Crew

Fans may remember that Brothers on the show got food poisoning and got sick after drinking contaminated water. That wasn’t the case, though. When Brothers departed the program, she admitted that one of the crew members was to blame for her getting food sickness. She remembered:

“I told one of the Indian men who was a part of the crew that I had been eating only granola bars because I was afraid of getting sick from eating unsanitary food. He said that I needed to eat protein, and he made this really great chicken curry dish. Three hours after I went to bed, I woke up sick, sick, sick.”

7. Honora Bowen – Cast Is Allowed To Bring More Than One Personal Item

Contestants often are only permitted to bring one item to the show. Former participant Bowen, however, admitted that she and her partner brought more than one item each. She brought three knives and a water filter, while her boyfriend brought four knives. The production team objected to her water filter, so they provided her with a fire starter as a replacement.

8. Steven Lee Hall, Jr. and Jake Nodar – Sex Is The Last Thing On Your Mind

How it is possible for candidates to be naked and not be involved sexually has been a popular question among viewers. Hall and Nodar affirmed that there were no hookups on the island in a People Magazine interview. As Hall put it

“You’re dirty, you’re hungry, and you’re tired. Sex is really the last thing on your mind. So there were no hookups involving me. Maybe there are others that I’ll see when I watch the show.”

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