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Mouna Ragam Telugu Serial Characters Real Name | Today Updates


Mouna Ragam is a popular Telugu serial that airs on Star Maa. It is a remake of the Tamil serial Mouna Raagam, which itself is based on the Malayalam serial of the same name. The serial revolves around the life of Ammulu, a mute girl who faces rejection and discrimination from her own family and society. The serial also explores her love story with Ankith, who accepts her for who she is.

Mouna Ragam Telugu Serial Characters Real Name

  • Ammulu (played by Priyanka Jain): She is the protagonist of the serial. She is a kind-hearted, innocent and talented girl who was born mute due to her father’s attempt to kill her in the womb. She is neglected and abused by her father Seenaiah and his mother Kanthamma, who consider her a curse and a burden. She is loved and supported by her mother Neelaveni, her sister Vasantha and her brother Chakri. She falls in love with Ankith, who respects and encourages her.
  • Ankith (played by Shivakumar Marihal): He is the male lead of the serial. He is the son of Nandini, a rich and arrogant woman who hates disabled people. He is a kind, generous and handsome man who runs a construction company. He meets Ammulu when she saves his life from an accident. He hires her as a cook in his company and gradually falls in love with her. He does not care about her disability and wants to marry her.
  • Seenaiah (played by Anil Allam/Sakshi Shiva): He is Ammulu’s father and the main antagonist of the serial. He is a greedy, selfish and cruel man who hates girls and wanted a son. He tried to kill Ammulu when she was in her mother’s womb by poisoning her food. He blames Ammulu for his misfortunes and treats her like a servant. He also tries to separate her from Ankith and marry her off to another man for money.
  • Neelaveni (played by Sirisha): She is Ammulu’s mother and Seenaiah’s wife. She is a loving, caring and brave woman who stands up for Ammulu against Seenaiah and Kanthamma. She loves all her children equally and wants them to be happy. She supports Ammulu’s relationship with Ankith and helps them to get married.

Supporting Characters

  • Vasantha (played by Shravani): She is Ammulu’s sister and Seenaiah’s daughter. She is a sweet, cheerful and supportive girl who loves Ammulu dearly. She also helps Ammulu to escape from Seenaiah’s torture and encourages her to pursue her dreams.
  • Chakri (played by Malineni Hemanth): He is Ammulu’s brother and Seenaiah’s son. He is a fun-loving, friendly and loyal boy who respects Ammulu and treats her like his own sister. He also helps Ammulu to elope with Ankith and marries Lucky, Ankith’s sister.
  • Nandini (played by Sai Lalitha/Swathi): She is Ankith’s mother and the secondary antagonist of the serial. She is a rich, arrogant and rude woman who despises disabled people and poor people. She opposes Ankith’s marriage with Ammulu and tries to separate them by various means. She also insults Ammulu’s family and creates problems for them.
  • Lucky (played by Neema Singh): She is Ankith’s sister and Chakri’s wife. She is a bubbly, lively and friendly girl who likes Ammulu and supports her brother’s love for her. She also marries Chakri against Nandini’s wishes and becomes Ammulu’s sister-in-law.
  • Kanthamma (played by Draksharamam Saroja): She is Seenaiah’s sister and Ammulu’s aunt. She is a wicked, cunning and greedy woman who instigates Seenaiah against Ammulu and Neelaveni. She also wants to get rid of Ammulu and take over Seenaiah’s property.
  • Bharath (played by Rajeev Ravichandra): He is a villainous character who loves Ammulu with bad intentions. He tries to kidnap Ammulu several times and harasses her family.
  • Sarayu (played by Kona Vasantha): She is Ankith’s childhood friend and love interest. She is a beautiful, smart and ambitious girl who works with Ankith in his company. She loves Ankith but he rejects her for Ammulu. She becomes jealous of Ammulu and plots against her with Nandini.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: When did Mouna Ragam start airing on Star Maa?

A: Mouna Ragam started airing on Star Maa on 16 September 2018.

Q: How many episodes of Mouna Ragam have been aired so far?

A: As of 30 January 2021, 662 episodes of Mouna Ragam have been aired.

Q: Where can I watch Mouna Ragam online?

A: You can watch Mouna Ragam online on Disney+ Hotstar.

Q: Is Mouna Ragam based on a true story?

A: No, Mouna Ragam is not based on a true story. It is a fictional drama series inspired by other serials in different languages.

Q: Who sings the title song of Mouna Ragam?

A: The title song of Mouna Ragam is sung by Mallik MVK, who also composed the music for the serial.

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