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Millbrook High School Principal Death Complete Information


students and teachers at Millbrook High School Principal Death have been dealing with many emotions since the sudden passing of Dana King. The news about the sudden death of longtime principal, Dana King, is causing them to feel a great deal of pain.

Schools Superintendent Chris McCabe said that King was a leader in her community and loved helping others. King “nurtured”, fed, watered, and watched blossom” many people.

Dana King

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Millbrook High School’s principal, Dana King, died unexpectedly on March 15, 2016. She was an educator and leader of her local community.

Her impact has been profound on parents, students and employees in Wake County. Her leadership was recognize with numerous accolades.

The principal’s family establish a scholarship fund in her honor and to help other people who were affect by her passing.

Her husband, Ed Tyburski, was a longtime Housatonic athletic coach and school administrator. His devotion to his family was unwavering.

Elizabeth was his wife and they had three children. He went above and beyond to help their academic and sports pursuits.

In lieu of flowers, the Tyburski’s request that donations be make to the Housatonic Athletics Fund. Checks can be mail care of HVRHS, 246 Warren Turnpike Road, Falls Village, CT 06031.


The community was shake by the death of Dana King (principal of Millbrook High School). Student, staff, and teachers have all  left to grieve the sudden loss of Dana King.

The cause of her death is not yet known. Sebastian Shipp (her assistant principal) says her family informed the school on Saturday that she had unexpectedly died.

Grief counselors are on hand to help students and employees cope with the death, Shipp said.

Dana Kingi a long time teacher and administrator, working in the Wake County public school system since 1986. In 2003, she was appoint Millbrook Magnet High school principal. Before that, she was an assistant principal at Drive High and Sanderson high schools. She was also name Wake County’s Principal of the Year in 2010.


Students, teachers, and the entire community were shock to learn that Dana King, Millbrook High School’s veteran principal, died on Saturday.

Wake County Public Schools System issued a Saturday notice to all principals, informing them of the death of King. It also expressed condolences for her family.

Sebastian Shipp (assistant principal of the school), said that King passed away unexpectedly Saturday morning.

King had an enormous impact on the lives of students. She has been an important leader in the school district and will be remember for her contributions to the school.


Dana King, Millbrook High School principal, is in mourning. She is an integral member of the school community and  known for her leadership skills.

King’s family notified school on Saturday that she died unexpectedly. The news has shook the community and Wake County Public School System.

Sebastian Shipp (assistant principal, Millbrook) said that grief counselors will be available Monday for students and staff.

King’s passing has sparked a discussion about race, gender and education in the local area. This has  raised many questions regarding social media.

King led an unusual life.the won a few medals in rowing and on motorcycles. the also lived in Sausalito and worked as a union representative. King was an artist who created a variety of installations throughout the Bay Area and across the nation.


Students, teachers, and school staff were shock to hear of the sudden passing of Millbrook High School principal. Dana King die suddenly on Saturday, a month before she was suppose to retire from her job at the school.

The news of her passing shook the entire community, including the Wake County Public School System. She was an active leader within her community, and she loved to help others.

Her work in schools empowered hundreds of teachers and mentored hundreds of current and future principals. She also cared for countless students and families.

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