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Mikhail Fedosovsky Success Story & High Tech Products For The United States


Mikhail Fedosovsky, the founder and global manager of Diakont, is an engineer and technician who has patented more than a dozen inventions.

From a junior engineer technologist in one of the Soviet factories to a businessman who owns a well-established technology company on the international market, the businessman has climbed steadily.

Diakont’s pipeline maintenance equipment, radiation-resistant optics, and modern industrial electromechanical actuators are highly in demand in the U.S. and Europe.

Mikhail Fedosovsky Early Career

Mikhail Fedosovsky

Mikhail Fedosovsky was born on June 1, 1959. His birthplace was Krasnogorsk, a small settlement built in Uzbek S.S.R. for employees of a uranium miner.

He earned his degree in plasma-chemical processing engineering in 1982 and worked for eight years at companies that made and designed electronic products.

The engineer conducted scientific research and created a prototype camera that was highly resistant to ionizing radiation.

Mikhail Fedosovsky, a 1990 founder of Diakont, began the production of this innovative tech product.

Three years later, the equipment was on the market, and the company produced process television control systems for power plants.

The business was small enough at the time not to generate any profit.

The entrepreneur used the additional income from other business ventures to cover his losses and finance his research.

First Success

Mikhail Fedosovsky was a hard worker in building a fully integrated production.

He did everything, from buying the most advanced equipment to setting up strict quality control procedures.

The C.E.O. signed a contract in 1997 with ABB TRC Group (Sweden) for supplying the robotic system with ultrasonic and television inspection equipment.

Diakont established a partnership with a significant Scandinavian energy company and achieved financial stability.

The company began to sell equipment to E.U. countries in 2001.

It found a partner in E.C.A. Hytec, a French robotics company.

Diakont’s success in Europe was due to its European market experience.

To be successful, Diakont must abandon the production of custom-made products and instead develop reliable, efficient equipment that can be mass-produced.

The company was able to change its business model and enter the U.S. market.

It signed a contract with General Electric to supply radiation resistant cameras.

The International Arena

Equipment manufactured by Mikhail Fedosovsky was included in the safety protocols at American NPPs by 2011.

The businessman founded Diakont Advanced Technologies (D.A.T.) after signing a contract for Westinghouse, which provides services to the U.S. NPPs.

The San Diego branch is located in California. The company soon welcomed the American addition of AREVA (a French group of companies) as a partner.

Today, D.A.T. D.A.T. accounts for 60% of the radiation-resistant optical market in America.

He has always aimed to build a diverse business with products in high demand across various industries.

After doing a successful business out of safety management products for the energy industry, the entrepreneur moved his attention to Motion Control equipment — automation systems in the machine industry and assembly factories.

The businessman built a facility to mass produce the optimized roller-screw electromechanical actuators.

It is located in Lucignano, Italy. The location is approximately 90 miles from Florence.

This highly automated production facility meets all requirements of Industry 4.0. Precision actuators are the best in class and provide high accuracy while consuming little power.

To develop new products and start manufacturing, the company spent EUR40 million.

Diakont Srl will produce approximately 12.5 000 actuators annually and hold 20 percent of the global market
share in the following years.

The company is active in many directions today and produces:

  • Television control systems for power plants;
  • Automation systems for NPPs
  • pipeline inspection equipment;
  • high-precision electromechanical actuators.

Mikhail Fedosovsky, the founder of Diakont, has worked tirelessly to develop the technical and scientific potential of Diakont since its inception.

The businessman frequently says in interviews that he has always aimed to create equipment as advanced as space technology. This strategy has paid off.

The company sells products well in the United States, France and Germany, Japan, China, Japan, Germany, and other countries.

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