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Mike Tyson Net Worth In 2022: Know How Much He Earned?

Mike Tyson Net Worth
Mike Tyson Net Worth

Mike Tyson was one of the most prominent modern boxers in the world. Like any heavyweight boxer, Tyson was a formidable fighter who defeated dozens of opponents and won many awards and belts. Let’s know about Mike Tyson Net Worth in 2022.

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Mike Tyson Net Worth
Mike Tyson Net Worth

What is Mike Tyson Net Worth in 2022?

Mike Tyson’s net worth is $10 million in 2022. Although it may seem like a lot, when you break it down, it isn’t that surprising. Tyson has been around for more than 30 years as a public figure.

Mike Tyson invested a lot on his luxurious life style. He has an estimated net value of $ 10 million and has made extravagant purchases.

Mike Tyson investment in real estate

Tyson owned many mansions over the years, including an Ohio estate of 54 acres and a Beverly Hills mansion once owned only by Elvis Presley.

Mike Tyson Car Collection

He has a passion for exotic cars and owns a collection that includes a Bentley and a Porsche, as well as a Rolls-Royce.

Tyson might enjoy the finer things of life, but he is no stranger to financial struggles.

He was $23 million indebted when he filed for bankruptcy in 2003. He has since been able to turn the tide and put his finances on track.

Name Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson’s Net Worth (2022) Approx $10 Million
Age (2022) 56 years (born 30th June 1966)
Residence Henderson, Nevada
Marital Status Married
Wife Lakiha Spicer
Sources of Wealth Former Pro Boxer, Acting, Ranch, and Podcasting
Salary Retired
Recent Endorsements Smart Cups, Parimatch, Manscaped, and CopperGel
Philanthropy Laureus Sport for Good foundation

Mike Tyson Early life and Career

Michael Gerard Tyson, a former professional boxer, was born in 1966 in Brooklyn. He was known as “Iron Mike,” Kid Dynamite, and “The Baddest Man on the Planet” during his youth.

Tyson won two gold medals at the Junior Olympic Games in 1981 and 1982. He was inducted into The International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2008.

He is a famous American sports personality. His boxing career is very successful, despite his controversy inside and outside the ring.

His record is 50 wins from 58 matches, with 44 knockout wins. He was 18 years old, making him one of the youngest heavyweight champions.

Tyson’s fights were always entertaining because of his aggressive fighting style and quick ability to end matches with knockouts.

He is one of the most respected heavyweight boxers ever. Tyson retired from boxing and began acting. He also opened his cannabis ranch and promoted cryptocurrency.

Mike Tyson’s Top 10 fight Earnings

SR.No. Fights Purse Year
10 Danny Williams $27 Million 2004
9 Donovan Ruddock $30 Million 1991
8 Peter McNeeley $30 million 1995
7 Evander Holyfield $30 Million 1996
6 Evander Holyfield $30 million 1997
5 Kevin McBride $30 million 2005
4 Julius Francis $30 million 2000
3 Frank Bruno $35 million 1996
2 Bruce Sheldon $35 million 1996
1 Lennox Lewis $35 Million 2002

For his appearance on WWE Wrestlemania XIV, Tyson earned approximately $3.5 million. Tyson is believed to have earned $10 million for his fight against Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson Earning by Endorsements

Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in American history, and he received endorsement deals from major brands such as Pepsi (Nintendo), Eastman Kodak, EA Sports, etc. Brands began to distance themselves from Tyson after it was revealed that he was hitting Robin Givens, his wife at the time.

Tyson improved his public image by appearing in numerous movies and TV shows. This earned him new endorsements. His recent deals include Smart Cups and Parimatch, Manscaped, and CopperGel.

How Mike Tyson ended up losing millions

Mike Tyson’s Luxurious Lifestyle

Mike’s extravagant spending reached its peak during the 1990s. He was worth an estimated $1 billion at that point. Tyson owned several mansions, a fleet of luxury cars, and a private plane. Mike was also open to taking risks, which led him to impulse buys like a collection of Bengal tigers.

Mike bought his tigers for $70,000 each. They were kept in a specially-built habitat in his backyard.

A $125,000 per annum cost him to hire an animal trainer. Mike spent a lot of money on his entourage and his tigers.

One example is that he had a staff member whose sole purpose was wearing army fatigues and shouting “guerrilla warfare!” at press conferences. This person was paid $300,000.

Mike Tyson is well-known for his brutal boxing style and turbulent personal life. He was convicted in 1991 of rape and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Tyson quickly earned his fortune after his 1995 release. He was released in 1995 and began to build his fortune over the next three years.

  • Tyson has spent $4.5 Million on motorbikes and cars
  • $400,000 for pigeons, big cats
  • $300,000.
  • $240,000 per Month on Walking-around Money
  • $230,000 on pagers and cell phones
  • $125,000 annually for a trainer of animals
  • Spend $100,000 per month on clothes and jewelry

Mike’s extravagant spending habits were a big part of his success as a businessman.

He was willing to take chances and helped to create a business empire that covered multiple industries. Mike’s extravagant lifestyle proved controversial and crucial in his success.

He was most well-known for buying a 24-carat gold bathtub for $2.2 million. He gifted it to his first wife.


Mike Tyson Bankruptcy

Mike earned approximately $40 million but converted it to billions because of his bad habits. He declared bankruptcy in 2003.

Although his spending habits might seem stupid in retrospect, they were certainly exciting at the time. Mike lived the high life for a short time, and everyone was aware.

Mike Tyson lifestyle

What was Mike Tyson’s highest net worth?

Mike Tyson’s financial and personal fortunes have had a tendency to fluctuate. Mike Tyson once had a net worth of $300 million. 

Tyson lost all of this money after making poor financial decisions that led to him declaring bankruptcy in 2003 while in debt of $23 million.

How much did Mike Tyson make per fight?

The purse paid for a particular fight determined Mike Tyson’s earnings. It is estimated that Tyson has earned $375 million through his fight purses.

What was Mike Tyson’s last fight worth?

Mike Tyson, 54, fought Roy Jones Junior in November 2020. Tyson was awarded $10 million for this fight.

Who is the Richest boxer of all time?

With a net worth of $450 million, Floyd Mayweather is the wealthiest boxer ever.