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Michigan basketball’s hot shooting proves Champaign Indiana



Michigan basketball’s hot shooting proves: The ball whizzed around the perimeter before landing in the hands of Caleb Houstan, a former five-star recruit known for his poise and perimeter shooting.

He received the pass in the right corner, just inches from the Wolverines’ bench, and situated himself in the supremely balanced style he’d shown all afternoon.

This particular 3-pointer, which put Michigan up 13 points after Indiana started chipping away at an advantage, led Houston, known for his stoicism, to rejoice.

Houston gave himself a moment of happiness after coach Juwan Howard compared him to the stone-faced NBA great Kawhi Leonard earlier in the week.

Before making his way down the floor, he peered into the IU bleachers and yelled.

“Making shots always feels wonderful,” Houston added. “Right now, I think I’m in a fantastic spot.”

Houston led a fantastic offensive effort that routinely hushed the packed audience at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall with his second consecutive dose of hot 3-point shooting.

Michigan made 11 of 17 3-point shots on the way to an 80-62 victory over an Indiana club that hadn’t lost at home all season.

The Wolverines (9-7, 3-3 Big Ten) have worked their way back to.500 in the league.

Houston and Hunter Dickinson combined for 24 points from 3-point range, leading the Wolverines to a plus-18 in that category after Indiana hit only 5 of 19 attempts.

Dickinson had 25 points and nine rebounds to lead all scorers. Terrance Williams II, power forward Moussa Diabate, and Houston each contributed 39 points to balance the offense.

“I think this is starting to become the Michigan that everyone predicted to win the Big Ten in the preseason,” Dickinson said. “I believe this is the club that everyone anticipated when the season began.

After all, we’re young, and we made some rookie blunders early in the season. There were a few snags. But I believe we’re finally starting to play the basketball that Coach Howard instills in us every day in practice.”

Howard talked about the mental lift shooters get when they hit their first 3-pointer of the game earlier this week. Houston, who broke out of his funk with 16 points on 3-of-4 shooting outside the arc in a win over Maryland on Sunday, echoed the message.

Confidence spread from player to player when Houstan sunk a 3-pointer from the left wing on his first try against Indiana, as perimeter shooting drove the Wolverines to an early lead.

Dickinson, who swished from the top of the key; Brandon Johns Jr., who returned to the court for the first time since Dec. 30 after battling COVID-19; Houstan, who finished the afternoon with eight of 11 in the last two games; and Williams, who came off the bench and carried the Michigan offence with an impressive flurry late in the first half, all made 3-pointers.

The Wolverines’ surprise marksmanship opened a distance between the two teams, who have been undone by poor perimeter shooting in several losses this season. The Hoosiers were rated 132nd in 3-point shooting at 34.3 percent entering Sunday, far below their norm.

After a succession of air balls, clanks, and miscalculations, Indiana finally connected on a perimeter jumper after more than 17 minutes. Howard’s combination of man-to-man defence, zone defence, and full-court pressure exacerbated IU’s mistakes.

“Our defence is doing a fantastic job for us,” Howard added. “Offense can occasionally be created through defence. However, seeing the ball go through the net is fantastic.

It also gives the participants a sense of security. When the ball goes past the net on the road, it also helps since it depletes the crowd’s enthusiasm.”

The Hoosiers, who trailed by as many as 16 points in the first half, made their comeback in the second half’s first stanza when Race Thompson’s dunk put them within 55-45.

The audience erupted as Indiana showed a willingness to attack the basket, compensating for their lack of 3-point shooting.

The Wolverines, like Howard’s squad all day, set themselves apart with well-timed jumpers from beyond the arc. To increase the margin to 13, Houstan sunk his jumper in front of the Michigan bench.

Then, as the advantage soared back to 14, Dickinson swished a beauty from the top of the key to enrage the insult-spewing supporters once again.

He revelled in his villainous role, yelling as he backpedalled on the floor.

Dickinson explained, “We were playing for our season.” “That was Coach Howard’s point of view. This victory was crucial to our season.”

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Jennifer Hernandez Bodybuilder: An Inspirer To Many Bodybuilders



Jennifer Hernandez was an American professional bodybuilder known for competing in the women’s physique division. Known for her muscular physique, positive attitude, and inspirational story. Unfortunately she passed away at age 58 on October 23, 2021 – leaving behind an admirer list and legacy of achievements.

All You Need To Know About Jennifer Hernandez Bodybuilder

Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1963 to a family with six siblings – among them being her older brother who introduced her to weightlifting as an activity at 18 years old. Fascinated by the sport she took up weightlifting as a hobby.

After going through a divorce and raising two children singlehandedly, she entered her first bodybuilding competition at age 38 in 2001, winning the novice category and becoming hooked on competing. Since then she continued training hard and improving her physique before ultimately earning a pro card at 47.

She competed in several professional shows, such as Arnold Classic Europe, New York Pro and Tampa Pro. Her best result came at Ms. Olympia 2014 where she impressed judges and fans with her muscularity and symmetry.

She was also a personal trainer, teacher, and grandmother with a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals while spreading positivity and happiness. On her website she documented her journey and experiences as both a bodybuilder and role model.

Jennifer Hernandez Bodybuilder Cause of Death

Jennifer Hernandez passed away unexpectedly on October 23, 2021 due to an unknown cause; it has been reported that she died peacefully in her sleep. Dennis James announced her passing via his Instagram account and expressed both shock and sorrow over this news.

“I am in complete shock over your passing, Jennifer Hernandez and will miss you forever and always.”

Many bodybuilders and fitness personalities also took to social media to pay their respects to Jennifer, recalling her as being kind, generous and inspiring – someone who truly enjoyed both life and bodybuilding.

Legacy of Jennifer Hernandez

Jennifer Hernandez was an iconic bodybuilder whose dedication, perseverance and optimism inspired many people. She proved that age is just a number and anyone can achieve their goals through hard work and passion – serving as an inspiring role model for women interested in bodybuilding or fitness as a lifestyle choice.

She made a tremendous mark in the bodybuilding community, where she was revered and revered by both peers and fans alike. Known for her friendly demeanor, sportsmanship, professionalism and dedication to competitions – she always brought her best work onstage every time and gave it all she had on each competition day.

Jennifer Hernandez will always be remembered fondly as an inspiring bodybuilder.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. When did Jennifer Hernandez begin bodybuilding?

A: Jennifer Hernandez began bodybuilding at 18 but entered her first competition at 38.

Q: How many competitions has Jennifer Hernandez won?

A: Jennifer Hernandez competed both as an amateur and as a professional, winning various competitions such as the NPC Texas State Championships in 2005, the NPC USA Championships in 2009, IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro 2012 and Wings of Strength Chicago Pro 2013. Some notable competition wins of Jennifer’s include; NPC Texas State Championships 2005 & USA Championships 2009.

Q: Which was Jennifer Hernandez’s top result at Ms. Olympia?

A: Jennifer Hernandez achieved her best Ms. Olympia finish of fourth place in 2014.

Q: How did Jennifer Hernandez pass away?

A: Jennifer Hernandez was reported to have passed away peacefully in her sleep on October 23, 2021 at 58 years of age. It has yet to be disclosed the exact cause of her passing away, however.

Q: What was Jennifer Hernandez’s Mission Statement

A: Jennifer Hernandez had this to say about her mission statement: “Every individual possesses the potential to shine like a star and live life to its fullest extent.

My mission is to teach everyone, one by one, about cherishing themselves – their bodies, spirits and dreams alike – in order to pursue happiness.” Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise and a positive mental attitude are the cornerstones of strength, confidence, happiness and success.

My goal is to assist in creating a life filled with good health, positive energy, happiness and love by teaching you to make healthier lifestyle choices. Let’s spread more love and happiness around us! I am a role model, fitness competitor, personal trainer, teacher, competitor mom grandmother leader who’s inspired to incite YOU!”

Stay tuned to Chopnews for the latest scoops and updates of Latest News, Trending News, Nation News, World News and Entertainment News.

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Short description of bodybuilding training




bodybuilding training

Bodybuilding Training: The hunt for the best approach or method to gaining muscles has been continuing for quite some time. If you follow the general rules, concepts, and techniques, you will get the desired outcome in a short period of time.

The anatomical theory of the human body and muscles

It is critical to understand the structure of each muscle group before beginning a tough training regimen. You may pick and choose the most effective workouts for you while eliminating the ones that are not. Again, the theory is very important. Keep reading and researching until you feel that you have a robust understanding of what you do. It is impossible to grow a strong physique if you do not grasp the fundamental principles of how muscles work.

The bodybuilding school of thought and classification of exercises

This is only one of many crucial aspects that have an impact on the ultimate outcome. So, let’s take a closer look at this problem. This theory is concerned with the classification of different muscles according to their kind and the required training criteria.

The essential exercises are important since they provide the largest amount of tension on the target muscles. The intensity of the fundamental exercise is significantly higher than that of the supplementary exercises. For this, we recommend you visit to learn more about your muscles and bodybuilding thought.

Isolating exercises in which only one muscle group is loaded or only one joint engaged.

Pressing exercises are those that are done from the center of the body and use big weights.

Pulling exercises are those in which one draws weights to the body towards the center.

Number of reps per exercise 

A few reps are a fantastic approach to putting the most pressure on the muscle in the shortest amount of time. Exercises in this area can be performed with weights near your maximal weight capacity. This maximal weight load can result in a considerable increase in strength. When under weight training, they have a tendency to expand. They get bigger as the muscles develop over time. 

A lot of reps per exercise allow for greater muscle endurance over a longer length of time. This results in an increase in the number of mitochondria, which are the energy-producing structures found in the muscles and is beneficial. They are in charge of boosting one’s ability to endure. They also help you lose weight.

It is preferable to train fewer than to overtrain.

Despite the fact that a harsh training regimen may appear to be beneficial, it can easily lead to overtraining in a bodybuilder or any other athlete. In terms of load, there is a significant gap between ideal and maximal training regimens. It often happens that athletes sometimes concentrate on strategies to boost muscular growth while neglecting rest and recovery.

If, after training, you sit in one place for more than 5-10 minutes as you strengthen yourself before leaving means you may have given too much exercise for your body. Despite the fact that leisure and relaxation are not often discussed, they are frequently the most significant factors in building muscle growth.

Sub training is a good way to keep your training regime going. The level of intensity is not the essential factor. Exercise on a regular basis is significantly more vital.

Do you still believe that training should be harsh without breaking a sweat? Without a doubt, this is not the best way, and in reality, it is only harmful. Suppose you want to maximize your muscle-building potential. In that case, you need to schedule your training so that you may recuperate between sessions and be ready to continue working according to the plan.

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Top 5 Best IPL Teams in India [ Here is The List Of Best Team ]



IPL which remains for the Indian Premier League is a major brand in the present time in the International Cricket.

Each and every cricket who plays for either group from different parts of the world needs to play in this money rich competition.

IPL was begun by the Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) in the year 2008 with Lalit Modi as its Chairman and Commissioner.

With the immense achievement that this competition got in its inaugural year it has turned out to be one of the standard occasions in International cricket.

This year it is the 6th release of this competition and there is one group which has been included as of late named as Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Here we have arranged a rundown which demonstrates the most grounded groups in this release of the Indian Premier League. Top most loved is the group driven by the INDIAN captain CSK.

1. Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

In the 2013 release of the Indian Premier League the most grounded group is none other than the group driven by the Indian Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Chennai Super Kings. This group is possessed by the India Cements Limited and was shaped in the year 2008 when the Indian Premier League was propelled.

The mentor of this group is Stephen Fleming and they have their home ground situated in the city of Chennai named as M. A. Chidambaram Stadium which has the sitting limit of 50,000.

Knocking down some pins mentor of this group is Andy Bichel and the handling mentor is Steve Rixon. This is the main group in the entire IPL history which has figured out how to won the consecutive IPL titles for two back to back years.

They did this in the year 2010 and in 2011. Some of its star players are Suresh Raina, Albie Morkel, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin and Dwayne Bravo.. Cris Morris is an extraordinary find for CSK.

This is the main group which figured out how to fit the bill for all the five Ipls and they are practically fit the bill for the 6th time. 1 time semi fainalist, 4 time finalist and 2 times runner up and 2 times CHAMPS.

2. Mumbai Indians

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

Mumbai Indians who are situated in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra. This group has a place with the organization named as the IndiaWin Sports Pvt Ltd.

In this release the mentor of this group is John Wright and the captain of this group is Australian awesome Ricky Ponting, who is likewise one of the best chiefs of cricket history.

The best season for this group was in the year 2010 when they were the runners-up. This group is most grounded as they have Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Rohit Sharma, Harbhajan Singh and Kieron Pollard.

In the current year’s IPL this group has two home grounds and they are Wankhede Stadium which has the limit of 35,341 and DY Patil Stadium which has the limit of 55,646. Mrs Nita Ambani is the CEO of this group.

3. Rajasthan Royals

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings

The IPL group which is at the number fourth place in this rundown is named as the Rajasthan Royals. This group is possessed by the organization named as the Jaipur IPL Cricket Private Ltd in which Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra and Lachlan Murdoch are the prime individuals.

This group was established in the year 2008 when Indian Premier League was propelled and around the same time they were the IPL Winner.

The mentor and skipper of this group for this IPL season is Indian incredible Rahul Dravid. The home ground of this IPL establishment is Sawai Man Singh Stadium which is in the city of Jaipur and has the sitting limit of 30,000.

The group is such a great amount of intrigued to rehash their fantasy run which they did in the inaugural Indian Premier League season. Some of its star players are Shane Watson, Brad Hogg and Ajinkya Rahane.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore

Best IPL Teams in India

Chennai Super Kings

Claimed by the organization named as the Royal Challengers Sports Private Ltd, the group which we have at the number third place in this rundown is Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The commander of this group is youthful Virat Kohli who has been one of the steady entertainers in the entire Indian Premier League.

The mentor of this group which is situated in Bengaluru is Ray Jennings and the rocking the bowling alley mentor of this group is Venkatesh Prasad.

The best IPL execution of this group was in the year 2009 and again in the year 2011 when they achieved the finals of the Indian Premier League.

The home ground of this IPL establishment is M. Chinnaswamy Stadium which is in the city of Bengaluru and has the sitting limit of around 40,000.

This group was established in the year 2008 and a portion of the star players are Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers and Cheteshwar Pujara.

5. Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad

This very rundown begins with the group named as Sunrisers Hyderabad at the number ninth position.

The current Year’s Indian Premier League is the introduction season for this group which was framed as the Kochi group was dispensed with from the Indian Premier League.

The group is possessed by Kalanidhi Maran who claims the SUN TV Network. Mr Tom Moody has been selected as the mentor of this IPL group.

The captain of this recently shaped franchisee is Kumar Sangakkara who is a star Sri Lankan player.

Their home ground is Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium which is arranged in Hyderabad and has the sitting limit of around 55,000. Orange and dim are the hues for this group.

A portion of the star players in this group is Shikhar Dhawan, Ishant Sharma, Cameron White, Dale Steyn and some more.

Here, we give an end to this list, hope you enjoyed up reading this article. Thanks for Reading, Do mention up your favorite team too in the comment section below.

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Tommy Fury Record Breaks Boxing Records with Outstanding Performance in Highly Anticipated Bout



The Tommy fury record name is one that has become synonymous with boxing, thanks in large part to the exploits of former heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury.

However, it appears that another member of the family is now poised to make his mark on the sport. Tommy Fury, Tyson’s younger brother, recently broke boxing records with a stellar performance that has taken the world by storm.

The Fight of a Lifetime

Tommy fury record

Tommy fury record

Tommy fury record recently took on Scottish fighter, Jordan Grant, in a highly-anticipated bout that had boxing fans on the edge of their seats.

The fight took place on June 5th, 2021, at the Telford International Centre in Shropshire. From the opening bell, it was clear that Fury was in a league of his own. He dominated the fight with his impressive speed, footwork, and precision punches.

A Record-Breaking Performance

Fury’s performance was so impressive that he broke several records during the fight. He threw over 200 punches in the fight, displaying an incredible work rate that has rarely been seen in the sport. Additionally, he landed a staggering 52% of his total punches, an almost unheard-of number in the boxing world.

The Future of Boxing

Fury’s record-breaking performance has cemented his place as one of the most promising young talents in boxing. He has shown that he possesses all the skills necessary to make it to the top of the sport, and his future looks incredibly bright. His impressive technique, combined with his work ethic and dedication to the sport, make him a force to be reckoned with.


Tommy Fury’s recent performance has catapulted him into the limelight and firmly established him as a rising star in the world of boxing. His record-breaking performance has shown that he has what it takes to make it to the top of the sport, and fans are eagerly anticipating his next fight. It’s clear that the Fury legacy is in good hands, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Tommy Fury.

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Top 5 Best Olympics Swimmers of India



Top 5 Best Olympics Swimmers of India: Swimming is one of the main five unique games to have included in each and every release of the present day Olympics since 1896. Offering the second biggest number of occasions after Athletics, it sees innumerable records tumble in each opposition over the male and female classifications of short and long separation hustling.

The predominant superpower in swimming, the United States of America are miles in front of the second put Australians as far as Olympic golds (USA – 230, Australia – 57).

Unsurprisingly, a lion’s share of the best names in the game are Americans. The best Olympian ever, American swimmer Michael Phelps has stunned in four diverse Summer Games and is set to make a rebound in Rio 2016, wanting to acquire his last Olympic triumph.

Top 5 Best Olympics Swimmers of India

1. Vidhawal KhadBest Olympics Swimmers of India

Virdhawal Vikram Khade (conceived in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India)  is an Indian swimmer. He contended in the men’s 50 m, 100 m and 200 m Freestyle swimming occasions at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing setting an Indian national record in 100 m Freestyle while winning his unseeded warmth, yet neglected to fit the bill for the elimination rounds in his occasions.

He made history on 16 November 2010 when he won an award following 24 years for India in swimming in the 50m butterfly classification at the 2010 Asian amusements.

2. Sandeep Sejwal

Best Olympics Swimmers of India

Sandeep Sejwal (conceived 23 January 1989 in Devanagari), is an Indian swimmer. He challenged in the men’s 100 m and 200 m breaststroke occasions at the 2010 Asian Juniors in Beijing, however neglected to achieve the finals in both events. He won the Bronze award in 2014 Asian amusements in 50m bosom stroke.

3. Sajan Prakash

Best Olympics Swimmers of India

Sajan Prakash (conceived 14 September 1993) is an Indian swimmer. He contended in the men’s Freestyle, butterfly and hand-off occasions at the 2015 National Games in Kerala. He made history on 8 February 2015 by winning 6 gold and 3 Silver awards and turned into the best competitor of the Indian National Games, held at Trivandrum, Kerala.

He additionally spoke to India at the 2016 Rio Olympic amusements in 200 Meter butterfly.ajan Prakash who hails from Idukki District of Kerala State is working with Indian Railways, Bangalore. His mom Shantymol is an ex-Indian competitor and has spoken to his nation a few universal occasions. He took in his swimming in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu.

He did his tutoring in St. Paul’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Neyveli, Tamil Nadu; He has finished his graduation in software engineering and seeking after MCA from Annamalai University, Chidambaram

4. Shikha Tandon

Best Olympics Swimmers of India

Shikha Tandon (conceived January 20, 1985) is a champion swimmer from Bangalore, India.Tandon has won 146 national awards, and 36 decorations in worldwide rivalries, including five gold medals.

Currently, she is an individual from USADA’s science group, who aids the day by day operation, improvement, and upkeep of the assets, revealing, and tasks basic to USADA’s logical activities.

5. Rehan Poncha

Best Olympics Swimmers of India

Rehan Jahangir Poncha (Conceived August 3, 1986) is a five-time national champion Indian swimmer and Arjuna Award victor, who represented considerable authority in backstroke, butterfly, and individual variety occasions.

He is likewise the beneficiary of the Eklavya Award from the Karnataka Olympic Association. He is a 5-time Indian swimming champion, and a 6-time record holder in the butterfly (both 100 and 200 m). Poncha likewise set two of his records in the free-form and variety transfers at the 2009 Asian Swimming Championships in Foshan, China, alongside his partners Sandeep Sejwal, Virdhawal Khade, and Aaron D’Souza.

Here, we end up the lst of the top swimmers of india, hope you enjoyed up reading this article, we’ll be back soon with tons of more articles based upon your interest. Stay Tuned.

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