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Miami Judge Issues Arrest Warrant : And allowing US authorities to ship in seas



Miami Judge Issues Arrest Warrant: Crystal Cruises, a luxury cruise line, is in serious trouble after failing to pay its fuel expenses.

A Miami judge issued a warrant allowing authorities to capture the Crystal Symphony ship in US seas.

The warrant was issued days after Crystal Cruises halted all sailings due to its owner, Genting Hong Kong, declaring bankruptcy.

Miami Judge Issues Arrest Warrant

Miami Judge Issues Arrest Warrant

The Crystal Symphony ship set off from Miami on January 8 for a tour through the Bahamas, returning on January 22. Instead, the ship is currently stationed in Bimini, the Caribbean island closest to the US shore.

“We were told that the reason we weren’t going to Miami was that there was an arrest warrant out,” claimed Elio Pace, one of the ship’s entertainers. “I assumed it was a joke at first.” You can’t make anything like that up, it’s like a movie.”

According to Xavi Medina, a vendor aboard the Crystal Symphony, passengers were being taken via boat for a two-hour voyage back to Fort Lauderdale and then by shuttle to Miami on Sunday.

“We understand that today’s ferry crossing to Port Everglades was difficult owing to bad weather,” Crystal Cruises said in a statement. “We had not planned for this finish to the trip to be the end of our passengers’ holiday.”

Crystal Cruises said it is unable to comment on ongoing legal proceedings.

Medina said she was still in seclusion aboard the ship on Sunday. She stated that she must be isolated for ten days before being released.

In a Spanish-language interview with NBC 6/Telemundo 51, Medina stated, “Everything is OK.” “All we can do now is wait and see what happens.”

According to Medina, there are no passengers on board, and the only persons left on the ship are staff members and sellers like herself.

“The corporation will take care of getting all of the crew members home,” Medina stated. “Obviously, they’ll do it in stages, but the corporation is purchasing tickets to return each of the crewmembers to their home countries.”

According to Medina, the captain on board, as well as all other officials and crew members, have been kind and have made every effort to ensure that passengers “do not feel the repercussions of what is happening.”

Pace was employed until February 23 to work on the Crystal Symphony. He expresses concern about the crew members who have worked on the ship for years.

“”They’re in a lot of pain,” Pace remarked. “Their future is in doubt.” It is their responsibility to do so. They’ve spent ten, twenty years on these ships.”

In the case of future Crystal Cruises, cruise experts advise that you don’t wait to hear from them and instead try to get a refund from them or your credit card provider as soon as possible.

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