Mechanic’s Liens & Preliminary Notices: One thing that you need to pay special attention to as a contractor is that once in a while, you’re going to deal with a client who’s not going to want to pay up. With that being said, you are going to want to know how to make sure you get paid, and believe it or not, some people are thrown under the bus in the legal system because they didn’t do it right. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how a mechanic’s lien and a preliminary notice can actually help you get the payment you deserve for your hard work, and keep you on top of the game in your construction endeavor.

Mechanic’s Liens & Preliminary Notices

Can I Get a Mechanic’s Lien?

This is a touchy subject. Anyone can actually get BICA National Construction Notices as long as they contribute to a job, or unless the state doesn’t allow it for a particular type of contractor. For example, in some states you can actually get a mechanic’s lien as a general contractor for a commercial project, while in other states, only the subcontractors, material handlers and suppliers can only file for a lien. 

There are ways that a general contractor can still get paid of course, but in a sense this is basically making sure that you are going to get the entitled payment from the client (the property owner of the project you’re working on), and it’s the legal way to do things. Of course, there are plenty of stipulations like time, and even other avenues that you need to consider taking before you can even file a mechanic’s lien. We’ll talk about that next.

Preliminary Notices Are Important

Have you ever received a letter in the mail saying you are being served? Well little did you know, depending on the type of contract that you were provided, if the company doesn’t give you the time allotted to prepare for this to happen, they can get in a lot of trouble, especially if they’re a contracting or construction company. A preliminary notice is a document that you should always send out to your customers to say “Hey, I’m going to get my money if you don’t pay me, so don’t even try it”. A lot of times a preliminary notice is enough to help a client understand that you mean business, and that you’re not going to let them get the one up on you. 


When you have the need to file a preliminary notice or even a mechanic’s lien, you want to ensure that you do it at the beginning or the end of project accordingly. Having a good company that can help you with this process should never be avoided though, and with Bicanet, you get the highest quality that you deserve as a professional contractor. They’re there to help you file your claims, give you the right consultation before a job so you can ensure that you get everything done when it needs to be done, and give you the best options for ensuring that you receive your money in your legal battle with the property owner.