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Martha Hart Talks Rift With Bret Hart


Bret Hart and Martha Hart Discuss the Rift; WWE and Bret Hart Issue Statements

Martha HartMartha Hart will guest star in the tenth and last episode of VICE’s blockbuster show Dark Side of the Ring, which will chronicle Owen Hart’s death.

Dark Side of the Ring has received some of the highest ratings in the history of the network.

VICE is leaving its most interesting subject matter for last, delving into the events leading up to and following the terrible death of the wrestling icon and youngest child of Stu and Helen Hart.

Owen Hart’s widow, Martha Hart, portrayed the tragedy’s poignancy through terrible narrative of her battle with WWE to get justice for her husband, who died after a disastrous stunt at 1999’s Over the Edge pay-per-view.

After evidence revealed the rigging company was negligent, Martha Hart filed a lawsuit against WWE.

During Hart’s protracted legal struggle with WWE, she was allied with Owen’s brother, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who, at the time, was embroiled in a famous feud with the company over the events of the Montreal Screw Job.

Martha Hart highlighted Bret’s role in her legal struggle against WWE in a recent phone conversation, which led to their relationship deteriorating after they first fought WWE as allies.

“The creators of The Dark Side of the Ring approached Bret to see if he wanted to be a part of this episode, but he never got back to them as far as I know,” Hart stated of Bret Hart’s absence from the documentary.

“What happened with Bret was that he was really supportive throughout the case, but he was fighting with Vince at the time.

As a result, he requested that his film be included in our settlement agreement.

So he didn’t have access to his wrestling tape because Vince had this agenda that he wanted included in our settlement agreement.”

“He was assisting me, but I had to tell him that this wasn’t about his wrestling footage,’ but when we couldn’t get it for him, he became enraged, and that’s when he faced Vince McMahon and obtained his film and stuff like that.

So that was distressing for me, and it created a schism between us, but then he seemed to flip flop, and he suddenly welcomed Vince.

And then he started disrespecting me—and before that, he had a thing for Vince McMahon—and then he turned his hatred on me.

And then he was always claiming in the public that I was insulting Owen’s memory and that I hadn’t done anything to warrant him being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

Martha Hart has strong feelings about the WWE Hall of Fame, despite the fact that Owen Hart’s chances of being admitted are poor to none.

“I would never let a firm that I believed responsible for Owen’s death try to celebrate him, especially with a phoney Hall of Fame,” Martha Hart stated.

“And there’s no such thing as a hall of fame. It isn’t true. It isn’t there. There’s nowhere you can go to see it, but it’s there.

It’s all made up and made up for the express goal of making money because they simply create a show where they have a celebration and, you know, it’s just absurd.”

Bret Hart revealed his efforts to get Owen Hart into the Hall of Fame during a 2016 sit-down interview in Calgary, and had some harsh words for his sister-in-law.

Martha Hart, according to Bret Hart, “needs to be psychoanalysed by herself.”

“She is truly childish, immature, and obtuse when it comes to his admirers and those who loved him in the industry.”

Hart went on to say:

“I wish Owen’s children could sit here and learn about their father, what a wonderful man he was, and what he was truly like.

Someone to set up a barrier and say, “Nah, that won’t happen.” That is something we do not want to happen.

What occurred still irritates us…’ I believe that is a great pity.”

In response to Martha Hart’s recent public comments ahead of The Final Days of Owen Hart, Bret Hart told The Wrap (via Wrestling Inc):

“While I have no desire to engage in any more media mudslinging between Martha and myself, especially in the face of a global pandemic, I will state that our fallout is multidimensional.

It would be an oversimplification and misleading to suggest that it solely concerned being able to access and use my WWE film and images for future projects. I’m not going to say anything else about it.

Martha Hart’s latest comments drew a retort from WWE, specifically from longtime WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt, who questioned the veracity of her storey.

“The truth is, outside of court, we’ve never told our side of the storey about what transpired.

We told it in court, but when she talks about how the lawsuit progressed over the years, she isn’t telling the truth,” McDevitt said in a statement.

“What she did, everytime this happened, was engage a lawyer in Kansas City, who we caught attempting to rig the judicial selection process in order to get a judge more to their liking.

We were able to apprehend them and took them all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court.

‘No, no, no,’ stated the Missouri Supreme Court. We aren’t going to allow it to happen.’

It’s evident that there will be no reconciliation between Martha Hart and WWE as a consequence of this highly anticipated documentary, which follows Hart’s underdog battle against a multibillion-dollar corporation in the wake of her beloved husband’s death.

Despite the Hart family’s DNA being ubiquitous in pro wrestling, it’s possible that current WWE Superstar Natalya, daughter of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, may be one of, if not the last, Harts to compete for WWE.

When asked if she was worried about her own children, son Oje and daughter Athena, catching the wrestling bug, Martha Hart stated she never thought about it.

“I’ve never had that concern in my life. My children made their own decisions, and they chose that path, which I was pleased to support. [Pro wrestling] would never have been their first choice.”

Dark Side of the Ring: Owen Hart’s Final Days begins tonight at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. CST on VICE.

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