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Mark Zuckerberg Sunscreen: Explains His Really Weird Sunscreen Face


Mark Zuckerberg Sunscreen: Today in an Instagram Live chat with Instagram head Adam Mosseri, Zuckerberg addressed the sunblock incident that saw him photographed in 2020 wearing an excessive amount of sunscreen on his face while riding an eFoil surfboard.

He noted that as a pale-skinned individual, he prefers to wear plenty of sunblock to protect his skin while swimming or doing water sports. We all appreciate the benefit of sunblock, especially reef-safe kinds! In the photo it appears he is wearing mineral-based sunscreen which often leaves behind a white cast.

But then he revealed another explanation for the unusual amount of makeup on his face.

mark zuckerberg sunscreen

He noticed he was being followed by a photographer as he surfed, so he thought using extra sunscreen might help conceal himself.

Mega paparazzi agency captured this photo of professional surfer Kai Lenny engaging in surfing-like watersports.

Zuckerberg acknowledged his strategy had failed. “The discrepancy between how cool you think you look and the worst photo a paparazzi can take is pretty comical,” he quipped.

But the Facebook founder has no ill will towards those posting sunscreen memes. “If someone wants to give the internet some laughs,” he said, “that’s cool. I’m happy to give the internet some laughs.”

At a companywide meeting reported by BuzzFeed News and The Verge, Zuckerberg addressed the sunscreen photo. He declared, “I won’t apologize for wearing too much sunscreen – it’s beneficial, and that stands behind my decision.”

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