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Maria Thattil Logies Dress Pics Go Viral on Social Media [Explained]

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Maria Thattil Logies Dress Pics Go Viral on Social Media: Former I’m a Celeb contestant Maria Thattil replicated Kim Kardashian’s popular Thierry Mugler Met Gala look with her own “bare” dress at the Logies tonight.

In the bejeweled gown, the stunning 2020 Miss Universe Australia winner flaunted her form on the red carpet in a daring corset profile with trailing beads, drop sleeves, and a dramatic white train.

She complemented the ensemble with a wet-look hairstyle, just like Kardashian did at the 2019 Met Gala.

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Maria Thattil Logies Dress Pics

Maria Thattil Logies
Maria Thattil Logies

The gown was made by Melbourne dressmaker Con Llio, according to the report, and Maria explained on Instagram that it sends a strong message. She wrote, ” INTRODUCING THE NAKED DRESS by @conilio.official,”.

“It took vulnerability for me to stand in my naked truth on national television on my first show, therefore I wanted to appear like that.” You’ve arrived at the perfect place to learn about the latest news, so please read the entire article.

This dressing gown is a tribute to the strength of not disguising who you really are.

The dress’s bareness denotes freedom, as it is unrestricted by attempts to conceal the body; it also indicates strength in celebrating oneself.

We’re coming, Logies.” Maria talked about her sexuality for the first time.

While it appears that I am a well-known figure… I Have to Get Out of Here! She revealed she has dated both men and women in the past this year.

The model told Sydney Confidentiality that she was concealing her sexuality because she had been “shamed” out of it in school. More information about the news may be found by scrolling down the page.

Thattil told Confidential, “It’s something I’ve been feeling for a long time.”

“ I used to have crushes on girls in school, but I dismissed them because of religion, as well as the fact that there were various homophobic feelings in my school about being a lesbian, or about anything other than heteronormativity.

“Because you don’t see much bisexuality in popular culture, you don’t know what it is.’

She defended herself by claiming that once her previous relationship ended, she began “exploring and dating women.”

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