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Lively Hearing Aids Review in 2023


Lively Hearing Aids Review is a new hearing aid company that offers a fully digital approach to hearing aid testing, consultations, and adjustments.

The result is a high-quality, Bluetooth-enabled device with on-demand doctor’s care at half the cost of traditional devices.

The Lite and Plus models are discreet behind-the-ear hearing aids that are available in seven colors. They’re also compact at less than an inch long.

These are the features

For those with hearing loss, selecting a high-quality hearing aid can be a challenging task. For those with hearing loss, this is even more true.

Lively aims to make the process of selecting and purchasing a hearing aid simple and easy.

Their Telehealth service provides support for hearing professionals and allows them to follow-up with them as necessary.

They use the well-known direct-to-consumer business model to produce their hearing aids, which are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional devices.

One model is offer by the company at a given time to make it easy for customers to choose the right device for them.

The battery-power hearing aids can be worn discreetly and are available in seven colours.

They feature noise reduction technology and come with a rechargeable case that holds three full charges. They also have Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free phone calls and music.


Lively uses a direct-to-consumer business model to sell hearing aids. This model is different than conventional hearing aid companies, who typically have a variety of models that suit different budgets and levels.

The company also offers full support through Telehealth, which includes remote help from an audiologist via Lively.

Additionally, hearing aids with lively features can be use to hear even in loud environments.

The latest Lively 2 Pro hearing aid features directional microphone technology that cancels out sounds from your ears. This makes speech easier to comprehend.

Lively hearing aids also have noise reduction features that can diminish wind noise and other sudden sounds.

These features  meant to make the listening experience more comfortable and are often use in situations where hearing aids would otherwise not be effective.


Technology is a term that reflects a broad understanding of the way people shape, use and develop the tools, machines, software and business methods that make our lives easier.

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Lively is an online hearing aid company that makes it easy to purchase a high-quality hearing aid at a reasonable price.

Users complete a doctor-certified hearing test, consult with audiologists via video conference and receive their top-end device directly to their homes.

Lively’s highest-tier hearing aids use spectral subtraction technology, which minimizes noise and still allows for speech.

The sophistication of this algorithm and the amount of reduction it makes will vary by level.

The hearing aids also offer adaptive directionality, a technology that allows them to adjust the directional pattern of the microphone to optimize speech reception in noisy environments.


The popular direct-to consumer sales model is use by Lively hearing aids. Their pricing however is slightly higher than that of other brands.

These devices are designe to provide excellent sound quality and comfort. They also include rechargeable batteries and an easy-to-use mobile app.

You can also use them to manage your tinnitus and get sound therapy from a virtual auditoriologist.

The Lite model costs $1,195 per pair. Although this is a reasonable price, it’s not the best.

Ask your local audiologist to give you a price quote if you are concerned about how much these hearing aids will cost. You may find that they can offer better rates or more in-person services.

If you’re interest in learning more about these devices, contact us today! Let us help you choose the best device for your situation.

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