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Lil Pump slams Eminem on Instagram


Lil pump eminem : For hip-hop fans who enjoy nasty conflict, it’s the most joyful time of the year, and Lil Pump just played Santa Claus, bashing Eminem in a Thursday Instagram video despite having no obvious reason to do so.

Lil Pump slams Eminem on Instagram, only to be reminded that Eminem has a lot more followers than he does

lil pump eminem“F**k Eminem, f**k Eminem, f**k Eminem Pump replied in a video shared to his Instagram account, “You is lame as hell, ain’t nobody listening to your old ass.”

“You b***h, you’re a f**k! I’m back on my f**k s**t because I woke up on bulls**t today.”

Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, isn’t sure what prompted him to criticise Eminem, who released his new surprise album, Music to Be Murdered By – Side B, on Friday.

On his new album, the 48-year-old rap veteran takes shots at a variety of topics, though he does not specifically mention Pump.

(Eminem mocked Pump’s “Gucci Gang” flow and trashed the mumble rap genre with which Pump is primarily affiliated on his 2018 Kamikaze track “The Ringer,” ridiculing the young MC’s “Gucci Gang” style and destroying the mumble rap genre with which Pump is largely associated.)

Regardless, Pump’s outburst sparked a social media firestorm, and not in his favour.

In the United States, Lil Mosey rapidly became a trending topic on Twitter, with thousands of people mocking him for dragging Eminem’s name through the mud in the name of relevancy.

Others cheerfully countered Pump’s comments by comparing Spotify screenshots of monthly listeners for both musicians.

On one streaming service alone, Eminem has over four times the number of monthly listeners as Pump, with 38.716 million to Pump’s 9.52 million.

On social media, a number of hip-hop heavyweights rallied to Eminem’s rescue.

Public Enemy cofounder Chuck D wrote, “To Lil Pump : Last time I was in the same building as @Eminem it was a 2019 stadium with 63,623 paid enthusiasts.”

“It had been two weeks since I had opened a 750,000-person concert in Milan, Italy.

People can make up whatever they want in their heads, but pushing it as truth is insane.”

Royce da 5’9,” a rapper and frequent Eminem collaborator, was less polite on Instagram.

Royce wrote, “I’ll slap those spectacles so far off [Pump’s] face, they’ll land in a whole nother genre.”

“I’m tired of all the rough talk from all these harmless creatures, not because I’m upset… Have a good time.

You may make money while not being very talented at anything by obvious misappropriation.”

Pump is no stranger to yelling at critics only to generate a reaction. But it’s possible he was being a sour loser because of the rappers’ opposing political views.

Last month, Eminem issued a high-profile, last-minute endorsement of Vice President-elect Joe Biden, while Pump campaigned for President Donald Trump on social media and at a rally (where he was dubbed “Little Pimp” by the outgoing president).

Pump could have been trying to provoke Eminem, who has a very short fuse and can hold a grudge like few other rappers, into responding on the record.

Will Eminem, on the other hand, truly do it? What’s more, should he do it?

That answer is contingent on how you interpret Eminem’s post-diss tracks.

On the one hand, criticising Pump would be beneath Eminem, and committing even a fraction of his energy to this one-sided feud would be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Eminem is the all-time best-selling rapper and the only artist to have ten consecutive albums debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Pump is a one-and-a-half hit wonder who hasn’t charted in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 since his collaboration with Kanye West, “I Love It,” in 2018.

Harverd Dropout, his 2019 album, opened at No. 7 with a meagre 48,000 units sold.

That’s about half of what Eminem’s Music to Be Murdered By is expected to earn in its first week, despite the fact that it’s a deluxe edition of his last album and not a new studio album.

Those metrics, on the other hand, would provide plenty of ammunition for Eminem to annihilate Pump in a diss tune.

With songs like “Not Alike” and “The Ringer,” Eminem got a lot of mileage criticising mumble artists on Kamikaze, and his battle with Machine Gun Kelly in 2018 was one of the funniest and trashiest feuds of the year.

(Em’s second MGK diss single, “Killshot,” also charted at No. 3.) If Eminem wanted to, he could smash Pump like a bug, and it would be the lowest-hanging fruit of his career.

The 20-year-old “Gucci Gang” rapper is unlikely to elicit a response from one of hip-most hop’s well-known performers, but when has that ever stopped Eminem?

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