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Lewandowski Testimony is the first Session in their Impeachment


Lewandowski Testimony: is the first session in their impeachment probe, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski irritated House Democrats by refusing to answer questions beyond those in the Mueller report.

As Lewandowski remained staunchly loyal to Trump, who celebrated his testimony on Twitter, the result was chaotic and testy confrontations with little substance.

Democrats; wanted to question Lewandowski on an incident detailed in the Mueller report in which Trump told him to persuade then-attorney general Jeff Sessions to limit the scope of the special counsel’s investigation.

lewandowski testimony

• In his opening remarks, Lewandowski slammed the Mueller report, saying it was “populated by many Trump haters who had their own objective – to try and bring down a lawfully elected president of the United States.”

• After spending the majority of the session stonewalling questions from House Democrats with minor procedural complaints, Rep. David Cicilline threatened to hold Lewandowski in contempt.

The moves were criticised by lawmakers as an attempt to hinder their probe.

• At one point, Lewandowski refused to say whether he met with Trump unless he was given a copy of the Mueller report with the exact page number and paragraph where the meeting was described, resulting in a heated exchange about hearing procedure between Rep. Jerry Nadler and Republican Doug Collins.

• Eventually, Lewandowski verified what was in the Mueller report, claiming that because he was on vacation, he never transmitted Trump’s instructions to Sessions.

• During a brief intermission, Lewandowski tweeted a link to standwithcorey.com, a newly formed website promoting his prospective Senate race in New Hampshire.

• After being faced with a clip from a 2019 MSNBC interview in which he appears to have lied by saying Trump never requested him to speak with Sessions about Mueller, Lewandowski claimed he had “no obligation to be honest with the media.”

Background: From January 2015 until June 2016, Lewandowski was Trump’s campaign manager, and he was recognised for endorsing Trump’s abrasive political approach.

After grabbing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields at a press conference in Florida, he was charged with simple violence, but the charges were subsequently dismissed, according to NBC News. He resigned from the campaign a few months later.

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