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Kohl’s PS5 Order : Is Retailer Cancelling All The PlayStation 5 Orders?


In a matter of minutes, PS5 sales wipe out Kohl’s unexpected stock.

Kohl’s sells out of its unexpected shipment of PlayStation 5 systems almost immediately as information spreads on social media, requiring the retailer to compensate customers.

PS5 Sales Wipe Out Kohl’s Unexpected Stock In a Matter Of Minutes

Kohl's PS5


Kohl’s announced that its PlayStation 5 supplies had run out just minutes after word got out that the American clothing retailer had received an incredibly unexpected PlayStation 5 shipment.

This holiday season, Sony’s newest console is one of the hottest-selling items on the gaming market, with retailers quickly exhausting their shipments.

So far, most stores are only selling the PS5 online due to low supplies and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, making long lines at a brick-and-mortar store during the busy holiday season even riskier than usual.

However, this has done little to slow down the ongoing rush of fans and shady internet scalpers looking to get their hands on the latest generation of PlayStation gaming technology.

The high demand for the PS5 had struck Walmart particularly hard, as the retailer’s web infrastructure failed nearly immediately when the console was launched a few weeks ago.

According to PushSquare, word got out earlier today that Kohl’s was throwing up a surprising quantity of PS5s on their website… only for the stock to sell out almost instantly.

As a result, all eligible customers who attempted to order a console will be rewarded by being able to keep their earned Kohl’s Cash from their cancelled purchase, which they can use to purchase pretty much anything else available at Kohl’s, both online and in-store.

Users on Reddit and Twitter have claimed that their PS5 pre-orders have been canceled, as well as making jokes and memes about how much Kohl’s Cash people will be refunded now that their console orders have been put on hold.

The PS5’s restricted availability problems aren’t limited to the United States.

Due to the console’s large size (easily one of the most powerful consoles in gaming history), shipments are delayed in the United Kingdom.

Those who ordered one through Amazon report receiving something completely different when their orders arrive.

There are also disturbing instances of would-be purchasers being mugged by thieves falsely offering up the new console in Toronto, Canada.

Back in the United States, some fans believe Kohl’s recent shipment of PS5 consoles – and their equally quick disappearance – is part of a clever ploy by the retailer to get people into its stores to spend that Kohl’s Cash reimbursement, which seems likely given the growing demand for Sony’s much-hyped and well-received new console.

Players who would prefer a PlayStation 5 to a refund of store-exclusive cash will have to wait until the next shipment arrives, with Black Friday appearing to be the next window of chance to get their hands on one of video gaming’s most desired systems.

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