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Kobe Bryant’s Widow Awarded $16 Million After Crash Photos Goes Viral


After the crash’s viral photos, Kobe Bryant’s widow received a $16 million payout. This information relates to a crash that occurred in 2020 in which a well-known football player named Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and six other people perished.

Now that pictures of that crash have leaked, Vanessa Bryant, Kobe’s wife, is experiencing panic attacks and has filed a complaint. As a result, she has been awarded $16 million.

This information is currently becoming viral because it has circulated like wildfire that she will receive 16 million rupees for performing this act.

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What had happened to Kobe, Vanessa’s husband?

His family and other individuals were travelling to Ventura County from Camarillo Airport to attend a basketball game being played at Ventura County in Thousand Oaks.

Her husband and daughter were in the helicopter while they were high above the mountains. He, his daughter, and the other nine victims of the fire all perished as a result of this occurrence.

His wife became distraught since she had lost her family, and the police took pictures of the scene, which were then leaked online.

Kobe Bryant widow receives $16 million

Police officers and other firefighters shared some photos of the incident, and when she opened social media, she saw those photos repeatedly, which caused her to think about the incident over and over again.

As a result, she is experiencing panic attacks. She also claimed that she read a story about the incident on the LA Times Story, and she was unable to control her tears as she ran inside the house to hide them from her daughters. The incident caused her a lot of pain.

She said during the trial that she prefers to recall things the way they were and doesn’t want to keep seeing those photographs over and over.

She also said that seeing such images had harmed and devastated her, and that’s why she demands payment for any viral pictures of her family.

The county subsequently consented to pay her $16 million in damages for the emotional suffering she caused by losing her family members.

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