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Koady Chaisson Causes of Death (1984-2022)


Koady Chaisson, a member of The East Pointers, was a prominent member throughout the 1990s. He played banjo and tenor, along with his bandmates. The band performed during the COVID-19 epidemic.

     During The COVID-19 Pandemic, The East Pointers Performed  

The East Pointers performed at a Charlottetown performance of A Christmas Carol during the COVID-19 pandemic. This performance was a celebration of Christmas.

The East Pointers, a group of musicians from Prince Edward Island, include Tim Chaisson (singer), Tim Chaisson (violinist), Tim Chaisson (tenor guitar player Koady Chaisson),

Chloe Goodyear (banjo player) and Jake Charron (keyboard player). Yours To Break is the group’s latest album. It was released in March 2020.

They are a favourite in Prince Edward Island’s hometown, East Pointers. The East Pointers have been playing in the region for many years and were nominated to the Canadian Folk Music Award for Ensembles of the Year.

They have been performing at local festivals and have partnered with local venues for radio broadcasts. In October 2020, they will also launch a Harvest Home Festival.

The East Pointers even started a weekly series of live readings of Anne of Green Gables.

   He played Banjo And Tenor Guitar For The Band    

The band had announced earlier this year that they would cancel their international tour in order to concentrate on their new album.

Koady Chaisson

Yours To Break was recorded all over the globe. It is influenced by the Canadian Celtic heritage. It features trance-like trad breaks. It was released 25 October.

The original home of the band was Prince Edward Island. They have also performed in Australia and the U.K. They were also present at Woodford Folk Festival (The National Folk Festival)

And Mullum Music Festival (Mullum Music Festival). They also performed at WOMADelaide and Cobargo Folk Festival, as well as Queenscliff Music Festival.

The band was formed when Tim Chaisson (Koady Chaisson) and Jake Charron met at Woodford Folk Festival 2014. Tim Chaisson played the violin and tenor guitarist, and Koady Chaisson was the banjo player and tenor guitarist. The three cousins have redefined modern folk together. They have performed at festivals in Canada and Australia.

At the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Secret Victory, their debut album was nominated as Instrumental Group of the year. It was also nominated for Juno Award Traditional Roots Album Of The Year. The band released What We Left Behind in 2017, and will release their third album, “The Third Album”, on October 25.

His wealth

One of the many questions that follow Koady Chaisson’s sudden death is: His wealth is the greatest. Many people have been puzzled by this question, since Koady was just 37 years old at the time he died.

Koady had just released a new album, and was about to embark on a worldwide tour with his band, The East Pointers.

Koady’s passing is not known. Although his family has not revealed the cause of death, the East Pointers stated that they will soon release more information about him.

According to their manager, the band will also attempt to preserve his legacy through music.

Chaisson was a well-known musician and had many fans. He performed in Canada as well as in many other countries. He also had a large social media following.

Many conversations were started online about his death. Many mourners took to Twitter to share their grief.

Fandom And Influence

Koady Chaisson, East Pointers guitarist, died in 2014 He was 34 years old when he died. Koady met his wife Chloe Goodyear while on a tour through Australia. They were married in May.

It is not known what caused Koady’s sudden death. The band has continued to tour and promote multiple concerts. They also did a cold-water swimming race. According to a press release, they plan to tour the world in February.

They still encourage positivity and hope to inspire people to live in the moment. Their latest album, “Stronger Than You Know”, was released by the band.

The album will be available for streaming on all music platforms on May 27th. A video was released by the band for Wintergreen.

They were nominated in 2017 for the Juno Award for Traditional Roots Album Of The Year and in 2020 for the East Coast Music Award Songwriter of The Year.

At the same ceremony, the band won the Song of the year award. They also coordinated weekly live streaming #Annedemic readings of Anne of Green Gables.

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