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Kidd G Age Net Worth, Relationship in 2023


Kidd G Age American musician Kidd Gage is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. He is best known for his videos on Tik TokFrom Hamilton, Georgia, the 17-year-old created music in his room influenced by hip-hop pioneers Juice WRLD and Chance the Rapper. He built a following with his fusion of country storytelling and rap swagger.

Kidd G Age

Kidd G Age:  Georgia, April 21, 2003 – Born

Kidd g age is an American singer and songwriter who rose to fame  Although he isn’t a well-known artist, his YouTube channel has over 850,000 subscribers. He has amassed quite a following on Facebook as well.

His appearances on TV and in commercials are just some of the ones he has done. He is a talented young man with an impressive singing voice.

His fans are loyal, and he isn’t afraid to display it.

Kidd G Age: His build is slim

Kidd G, whose real name is Jonathan Gabriel Horne, is an up-and-coming country singer who has already made a splash. The breakout hit, “Dirt Road,” features a country-pop story set to sparse beats.

The 17-year-old has been making waves on Tik-Tok and other social media platforms as he promotes several well-known companies. He is a popular figure with over 1.4 million Tik-Tok followers.

He’s a genre-bending artist who has earned a fanbase and attention from both the Gen-Z and country communities thanks to his unique musical approach.

Kidd G Age: He has blue eyes

Kidd G is a Tik Tok star with a sizable fan base on social media. He has a charming personality and an adorable grin.

Also he is a YouTuber and singer as well as a dancer. He has many brand endorsements on his social media accounts.

Kidd G, an 18-year-old rapper, is very popular on Instagram and Tik Tok. He is also a model and is in demand for photo shoots.

You can see his blue eyes in the videos and profile pictures on Instagram. These eyes are stunning.

He has a dedicated audience on SoundCloud and Tik Tok, and his music is based on the genre of emo-rap.

He has a charming personality.

Kidd G is a rapper and country singer who has gained much popularity via his TikTok profile. The platform allows him to upload short clips and live performances of songs.

His TikTok page has more than 700,000. He enjoys a huge fanbase. He also has an Instagram account with a massive following.

His net worth is estimated at between $50k and USD 100k. He depends mainly on his income from TikTok.

Kidd G endorses many brands and is also a social media influencer. His modeling career is set to begin very shortly.

Kidd G was born on April 21, 2003, in Georgia, United States. He is the son of David Horne and Rachel Grace O’kelley.

He has a younger brother named Dustin Horne. He’s a charming, handsome person who has a warm personality.

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