Home News Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo Killed, Teenagers Charged With Murders

Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo Killed, Teenagers Charged With Murders


Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo Killed: The saddest news about two 16-year-old boys is that Charlie and Kearne are both coming forward.

Kearne, who was severely wounded in Titmuss Ave, Thamesmead, was founded. The other is in Sewell Road in Abbey Wood. Their families were devastated by this news and they want to find out the reason for their deaths.

Let’s talk in detail about the cause of his death, what happened at the scene with them both, and who did it all.

Who Killed Kearne Solanke and Charlie Bartolo?

According to the Metropolitan Police, there are two boys who were involved in the deaths of Kearne & Chalie. On Tuesday, a 16-year old boy was arrested by the Metropolitan Police.

The other boy, a 15 year-old boy, was also taken into custody. The 16-year old boy and another 15-year-old boy were both taken into custody by Bromley Magistrates’ Court to be charged in the murder case.

After hearing reports of two victims, the Metropolitan Police arrived at Bromley Magistrates’ Court around 5:10 on Saturday. However, both boys were killed before police arrived at the crime scene.

They also provided various services such as the London Ambulance Service, the capital’s Air Ambulance and other services.

Sources say they tried their best to save both boys, but couldn’t revive them. Both boys were shot to death in southeast London on Saturday.

This news is based on current trends. The investigation is still ongoing and all information is being released. However, the Met’s Specialist Crime Command Detectives continued the investigation and stated that the families of both the victims were being supported.

Their loved ones, including their family and friends, shared their love and hoped that it would never happen again.

In this most tragic situation, the family of the deceased boys requested privacy. There are many more cases like this every day, threatening the family’s stability. No one can do anything about these types of cases.

Family members dying in the line of duty can cause a breakup of the family and make everyone feel sad. These types of crimes are not uncommon. Anyone anywhere can be killed, but the criminals don’t know what will happen to their loved ones.

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